Your writing style has definitely improved.

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Once again, I ended up writing a story with Selax from another character's perspective, but it's actually the easiest way to write him. His thoughts on the situation would probably be organized in a dry, formulaic fashion and focus on the current circumstance less than might be expected.

I think that was a good choice, but for a different reason. A first-person Selax story sounds difficult to do because Selax is one of those characters that knows way more about what is going on than everybody else, so you'd lose the suspense and mystery. It's the same reason why the narrator for Sherlock Holmes wasn't Sherlock Holmes. This way we're left speculating and trying to piece together the clues because we're as in the dark as the protagonist is.

Speaking of which...

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Really interesting and fun to read ^_^ I was expecting a chron making fun of Tiernan, but I am not disappointed! It feels really good to read a new chronicle again. Thanks for writing! I think Selax is understating this Pandora's powers - with her Box, one can do just about anything.

453, I need your help speculating here. I understood the message that using Pandora's Box to cheat at games causes horrible things like zombies rising up to ruin your friends' lives, but my memory of older stories is hazy. Have we met these mysterious cranky old characters before?

The bear seems like a tavern reference but maybe that's a coincidence (maybe he's actually a dwarf). Then we have tall elf lady who sounds like a high school friend of Selax's. What do you think is happening here? They clearly have some history and are aware of Pandora and are also a billion years old (which has all kinds of deep psychological implications if they were conscious and active for that time). Why did Pandora want Katerei (I mean, besides the obvious)? And if those undead weren't hers, whose were they?