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  • RE: Spring 2020 Chron Challenge

    Hmm, perhaps I should repurpose this as a Summer 2020 Chron Challenge...

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  • RE: Best of Cythera for 2018 and 2019

    I'm inclined to agree with all three of those. I'll add the 20th anniversary ones under the tribute section and the speedruns one to the useful information (though it might move if someone can think of a better subject).

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  • RE: Who is Stephen Banks?

    That's quite an interesting find. I don't recall seeing anything related to Stephen Banks in Cythera either. It's possible that the easter egg wasn't implemented or that it was implemented in some less than obvious fashion. For instance, Autonous as the operator of the mint might be intended to make one think of banks.

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  • RE: The Wizard, the Cat, and the Bathrobe

    Bumping this for reference. It had somehow gotten buried several pages back.

    I finally updated by the way. It's not much but (hopefully) better than nothing.

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  • RE: Out of Reflection, Into Reality

    Rapierian dodged another of the whirling "shadows," feeling the burning heat on his face as it barely missed him. He let fly another arrow at Alcyon, but her answering bolt of lightning tore through the projectile and struck the wall beside him. Anticipating the blast, he rolled with the force of the explosion, closing with his opponent. Alcyon again retreated rapidly down the corridor. The ranger knew she was just stalling to cover the retreat of her allies, but, try as he might, he couldn't close the distance any faster.

    Persephone stumbled back, reeling from the heavy blow of the golem. With a roar, Tantalus leapt to her defense, trying to drive his axe into the golem's leg. The stone monster barely seemed to notice, throwing him aside. Still, the moment brought the magess time to recover and throw a fireball into the creature's face.

    Behind her, she heard Sisyphus and Prometheus engaging the other golem.

    Normally, the fight should have been over swiftly. Skilled as the four undead mercenaries were, the two golems were large and powerful, apparently untouched by any attack. However, as Beorn had said, his spell kept reanimating them every time they fell.

    Suddenly, the ground heaved around them, throwing all combatants to the ground. The wind rose to a piercing howl as a sudden tempest erupted. The world flared green as a second star burst to life in the mountains above them.

    Persephone hardly noticed any of these events, however, for she felt something else. A massive explosion of wild, chaotic power swept over them. The distant thread of Beorn's control--not active but a menacing threat--snapped, and they were free.

    Stumbling to her feet, she saw the others rise. Hesitating, they all stood for a moment, uncertain what to do now. Then, driven by the curse and by the desire for revenge, they rushed toward the glow without a word.

    Behind them, the golems rose as well. Like the undead, the spells that controlled them were broken, and they paused in confusion, bereft of goal or purpose. Then, they spotted the mercenaries heading up the mountain. With a roar, they followed.

    Above them, Katerei worked quickly, trying to draw as many of the symbols as she could. Beorn leaned over the fissure, the Crolna still glowing in his hands. The kaleidoscope of purple and green continuing to grow by the minute. The wind screamed about her, and she could hardly stand as the ground rocked beneath her.

    She had no idea how much time had passed--minutes, hours, days?--when Beorn's head snapped up, startling her. With glowing eyes, he looked toward the north. Then, he began step away from the fissure, slowly pulling the Crolna out of the heart of the storm. This change had no effect on the fissure however. If anything, the chaos rose, and the din about them increased.

    Looking toward the sky, Katerei saw nothing...until another flash of the eerily colored lightning illuminated a small black dot, tearing through the clouds in its speed. With a sinking feeling, she realized then what Beorn had sensed.

    Struggling to complete the spellwork laid out on the scroll, Katerei somehow frantically managed to draw her weapon. Rapidly, Beorn turned from the fissure, hastily slipping the Crolna back into the pouch at his belt and drawing his swords.

    They were only just in time as Selax broke threw the tortured sky and dove on them out of the gale.

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  • Best of Cythera for 2018 and 2019

    This is a bit overdue but better late than never (or so I hear). Are there topics from 2018 and 2019 that anyone thinks should be added to the Best of Cythera archives? (I can think of a couple of possibilities.)

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  • Spring 2020 Chron Challenge

    Write a chronicle depicting what you consider to be a major moment in a character's (yours or a game character) history.

    -Should be at least five hundred words (not that I'll be counting)
    -Must feature the character encountering or at least reflecting on a moral dilemma
    -Must feature at least one flashback or flashforward

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  • RE: Someone was really mad at Andrew...

    @Wizard Well, domains are relatively cheap and even if he doesn't want to keep the website up, that doesn't necessarily mean he wants it taken over by a porn domain. Long running website domains tend to be a good target for scammers and spammers.

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  • Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas, all. A Happy New Year to everyone as well.

    My apologies for the late posting of this topic. It's been a busy day. I hope it has gone well for everyone.

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  • RE: Frozen Heart

    I wanted to tag it "The Retsy Chronicles" as that's the name of the series, but there's a 15-character limit. This is actually the second entry; the first one you've already read.

    I actually don't like how this one ended up. It was supposed to be about Moonshadow and Retsy, but Ranari was begging to be the protagonist. That much was okay, but after the rewrite the focus shifted too much to the sisters and Retsy got sidelined. In future installments, Retsy needs to have a bigger role.

    I did use Moonshadow's notes from KL3 (did I post those on Discord last year?), so the temple and many of the physical descriptions are from that, but the notes were also incomplete so I've probably butchered a lot of what she intended. There also wasn't a whole lot of lore about the grin'fae or plot from KL3.

    It's also far harder apparently for me to write a <10k story than a >20k one. I'm just forced to skip and cut out so much stuff, it doesn't feel like I get enough space for character arcs and plot thread resolutions.

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