Where did all the old Posts go???

  • Andrew, I was wondering if you planned to put the old posts here. I know that it was pretty full, but I am sure that the old posts would be pretty helpful to all of us. I plan to play the game from the beginning again, and I am sure I will forget some things that the old posts could help me with. I do appreciate you moving the board into its own folder, it really needed it. But, please if possible return the old posts. It may be an issue of time, and I am sorry if I seem to be pestering you, maybe you already planned to move them. If so, thanks. If not, you should give it a second thought.

  • Unfortunately, this web software doesn't allow me to move the posts. :frown:


  • Is there any way you could leave them in the folder they were in before, but close the discussion. Meaning that people could look at them, but not add to them? A lot of helpful data has been completely lost....

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