Four pillars(minor spoilers)

  • We all know that there are four pillars (If not now you know) Air is the north, Fire is the south, Water is west, and Earth is east.
    In the cave with the seldane there are four portals. In the cave where you get the first part of the crolna (below Catamarca) there is a fountain. In Eioneus' cave there is a fountain. The lower part where you go over a bridge, down a tunnel, kill some ooze, down a tunnel, and kill some more ooze there is another fountain. The cave fountain has a firesprite in the area. I think I have seen another fountain somewhere also. 4 pillars, 4 portals, and 2 or 3 fountains. What I am asking is weather there is another 2 fountains.

  • If I am thinking about the right type of fountains, there is one under the pnyx(magesterium) where you kill the demon. The place where you travel through the tunnels and are teleported back and forth til you get to the demon. And there is one under the sewers, if you tie a rope to the rocky outcropping in the soutwest corner. There is nothing else down there as far as I know.

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  • That would make it 4 fountains. Good, if there were only 3 fountains it would upset my sence of order. Oh, and it's not "where you kill the demon", it's where the demon kills you :frown:

  • :)

  • That happened a couple of times to me before it was "you kill the demon" for me. :D

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