Scylla and the hydra

  • How do I open the secret passage in Scylla to get to the hydra? I've searched everywhere! I found the three keys on that guy, and one of them seems to open one of the chests in the north cavern (I destroyed the other chest in bashing it open, I hadn't found the keys yet), but the other two don't seem to open anything.

    And what's with the "tiles" squares that look like walls?

  • The lever to the secret passage is under a chest by the guy with the keys, if I remember correctly.

    The keys can open the chests, the door to the secret passage, and the door to the northern stronghold.

    The tile walls must just be a mistake, but I'm not absolutely certain.

  • Thanks. While I'm at it, how about the passage in Cademia that says "There is no obvious way to operate it."?

  • Search the big house w/ the ruffian in it. You may have to do some smashing. :-)

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