Omen's Return (TS)

  • Ferazel teleports back into the tavern holding a small device and a pomegranate. He takes a bite of the pomegranate, puts it on a table, and lifts a flap on the device. A screen-like film on the inside of the device, on the flap, flickered. A voice came from the device, and a picture flickered on to the screen. Many patrons held their breaths. Omen. The voice was Omen's.

    "You pitiful Cytherans. I have broken the Crolona into 6 peices and skattered them along Cythera. Alaric will crumble again. This time, you can't beat me without a fight. I am my own master." With that, there was a noise of static, and Omen's picture flickered away.

    The screen went back to black, and Ferazel began to speak. "I have received this message from Omen. Recording it and playing it back to you, I believe that you can tell that this is bad. Without the Crolona, Alaric won't be able to rule over Cythera. I need a band of people to help me gather the Crolona and destroy Omen once and for all." With that, Ferazel pressed a few buttons on the device, and a picture flickered on the screen, "StarCraft". He finishes the pomegranate and beats a newbie with his four marines.

  • (slightly quoted from a another one of my posts)
    A man that had not been seen in the tavern before walked in. "Humph!", was the first word he said, looking distainfully down the rim of his glasses at the drunken on the floor. The man appeared to be a scholar . He was going bald, jus having a few wisps of white hair left. He wore glasses with thick lens. He wore no armor or weapons.. He spoke in an unsure tone, one filled with doubt. "On the suggestion on my friend, who some of you know, Brink, I have come to join a quest. Also, I'd just like the remind you that I have no skills with weapons. However, I'm well versed in the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities, using numbers and symbols." With this, he brushed off a bar stool and ordered a cup of coffee, now being served everywhere.

  • *** OoC ***
    OK, this will have to take place at least a two or three days after the return of the balloon in 'The Air Castle', to explain certain planned absences that haven't actually occurred yet. Watch the next 5 or 6 posts in the Tavern to see what I mean.
    *** BiC ***

    Sasha looked around at the five other Ronin that were present - only Flynn was missing. "I've heard of this 'Omen' character, and we all know about the Crolna. I think this is a very real danger to Cythera; shall we help?"

    Kwon shook his head thoughtfully, and they all looked at him in surprise. "I am uncertain. I do not dispute that this could be a highly dangerous situation; our help would certainly be appreciated. However, I have a sense that the real danger at this time may lie elsewhere."

    Wolmark looked confused. "We all know what havoc Magpie wrought when he interfered with the Crolna that time; isn't this about as real a threat as we could get?"

    "As I said, I am uncertain," Kwon resumed. "Perhaps some of us should go, leaving the rest here, just in case."

    "Very well, Kwon," Sasha said. "I'm going then. Who else?"

    "Me," Trinias said quickly.

    "And me," Ulf added, in his gruff, deep voice.

    "I will stay," Kwon stated firmly.

    "I really don't know what to think," Wolmark said, "but I'm willing to give Kwon the benefit of the doubt. If nothing eventuates, we'll still be here if you need us."

    "I'll stay too, then," Leandra said.

    Sasha nodded; she, Trinias and Ulf got up and walked over to Ferazel. "We'll help. The others may be involved elsewhere; but if not, and we need them, then we can find them here or at the barracks."

    Ferazel nodded, and they sat down at his table.

  • The Scribe glanced up at Ferazel's address, looking highly intrigued. Having just recently arrived in Cythera, he hadn't heard of either Omen, or this 'Crolna'; but the situation sounded fascinating, and might be just the thing he wanted for his collection of stories.

    Looking over at Brianna, he noticed she was staring longingly over at the group beginning to assemble, and chewing her lower lip. When at last she glanced over in his direction, he caught her eye and signalled her to come over.

    "Yes grandfather?" she asked, as she approached his table.

    "You want to go with them, don't you," he accused, with a mischievous smile. Brianna blushed, and nodded. "Very well then," he continued, "go! I'm highly intrigued by this situation, and it would be good to have a first hand account from someone that knows just the kind of information I need."

    "Thank you, grandfather!" She exclaimed, smiling excitedly and stooping low to kiss the top of his head. She hustled over to the bar and made her excuses to Rana, then worked her way to Ferazel's table.

    "Don't go away, I'll be right back!" She hurried out the door and disappeared.

    She was back in under ten minutes. She'd changed out of her shiny green dress, and into a pair of green breeches, brown boots and a green, short-sleeved tunic. She was wearing a longbow on her back, and a quiver of arrows on her belt.

    "OK, I'm ready," she said, as she sat down at the table.

  • Katerei looked around uncertainly. She had used a portal to return to Cademia and was now standing in the middle of the street. She thought for a second, then turned and walked to the Alraeican Tavern.

    A fair amount of people were gathered there. Katerei spotted Ferazel standing by a table and she walked over to him. He turned around and grinned at her. "Hello, Katerei! I was waiting for you to come back- where'd you go, anyways?"

    She shook her head. "That's not important. But I'm going to have to stay here for awhile."

    "Not neccessarily. I'm organizing an adventure- here, I'll show you." Ferazel pulled out the small device and opened it. He hit a few buttons, then the same video which he had showed everyone earlier came on to the screen.

    Katerei watched intently until it was over, then she looked up at Ferazel. "Interesting. You'll have to tell me later about Omen and the Crolna, of course, since I wasn't here when all this other stuff happened, but all the same..."

    "So you'll come with us?" Ferazel asked hopefully.

    Katerei narowed her eyes thoughtfully. It just might work. Silvre wanted her away from Cythera- well, she'd be leaving, but she'd still be with her friends...and she wuldn't be going back to Vera either. "Who else is coming?"

    Ferazel ticked them off on his fingers. "So far, there's me, Sasha, Trinias, Ulf, somebody new named Brianna, and another man that we don't know his name. Apparently, he's a scholar."

    Katerei grinned. "I'm in!"

  • Ferazel smiled at Katerei's enthusiasm. He then said, "Okay. Only a couple more people will be needed. I kinda wish Talm was here, since some transportation like his balloon will be essential if we want to get this over quick. I'm in the mood for a nice long adventure though, and this seems like just the thing." He conjured a glass of hot chocolate, but looked warily around to make sure Salmaris didn't startle him again. Sipping it, he leaned back in his chair and defeated yet another newbie with his three seige tanks against Ferazel's fourty-seven.

  • Katerei got a glass of tea and sat down at a table next to Ferazel. She vaguely watched him do something on his little device, but it didn't seem very interesting, as she had no clue what he was doing. She sipped her tea and fiddled with the little bracelet Ranari had given her. It was pretty, but it still made her slightly nervous. But she couldn't let it show, otherwise people might think the same thing as Silvre.

    Katerei looked around at the other people in the tavern. Most of the Ronin were there- except Flynn. She wondered where he was, but didn't really pay any attention to that. Instead, she turned back to watch Ferazel do whatever he was doing and maybe even attempt to understand it.

  • After some time, Katze entered the Tavern. She scanned the room quickly, and then her eyes locked onto the group assembled around Ferazel. Curiously, she walked over to see what was going on. As Ferazel spotted her, he waved her over to show her the message and explain his plan. Katze listened intently, and eventually nodded her head in agreement. "This does sound dangerous. I'd love to come, but -" Just at that moment, somebody else entered the room. The woman had aubrun hair and lively, green eyes. She looked around quickly, and immediately made out the person she'd been looking for.
    "If you excuse me." Katze looked at Ferazel regretfully. "I hope I can be back soon." Ferazel nodded in reply.
    Katze joined the other woman and together they left the tavern.
    Shortly afterwards, Katze re-entered the room, unaccompanied and smiling broadly. She returned to the table. "As it is, I can come after all. My other worries are taken care of." And they were, indeed. Or most of them, at least. The only one who her guild had not been able to find was that elf, Lemenath. He had seemingly disappeared. But all the others were under careful watch, and Flynn had been warned on his arrival.
    She sat down next to Katerei.

  • Velcarn, who'd been Talking to Ferazel, announced his intention to come along.
    "Well, like I said, It's the adventurer's life for me! He quiped.
    Ferazel was pleased with the deveopment, and he knew Velcarn's skill in making and repairing tools and wepions might come in handy.

  • Sideline made his usual unobtrusive entrance into the tavern (i.e. through the back door). He saw Katze amongst a large group that was gathering in the middle of the tavern - he was familiar with the signs, someone obviously had an expedition planned.

    He made a slight gesture with his hand, a barely noticeable signal, then sat down at a nearby table. Without seeming to look in his direction, Katze excused herself, and walked over to join him.

    "How'd you make out?" he asked, without preamble.

    "All set; there are watchers on most of them, and there's no way they can avoid the whole guild. Flynn's been warned, but he had a trip planned anyway; he's gone south for a while, so he should be out of harm's way. How'd you do?"

    "Not too bad, in a way." Katze looked at him with a puzzled expression, and he grinned. "Nobody has any information on them at all."

    Katze looked even more confused. "If you didn't find out anything, how is that 'not too bad'?"

    "Because it confirms that they're not from Cythera, " he explained, then frowned. "Unfortunately, it also means my skills won't be much more help."

    Katze nodded thoughtfully. "Well, having come to their attention, it might be best if you disappear for a while. Ferazel's got this little mission that's 'landed in his lap', so to speak; why don't you come along?"

    "Sure," Sideline smiled, "I owe him one, anyway!"

    They stood up and began to walk over toward the gathering group.

    "Wait a minute," Sideline said, halting suddenly. "Did you say there are watchers on most of them?"

    "Yes, that's right; we couldn't find the elf."

    A worried expression settled on Sideline's features. "That could be bad! But I don't see how I could help, if your entire guild couldn't find him." They resumed walking toward Ferazel's table.

    Sideline sighed. "I just hope Flynn stays alert! Ferazel, I hear you have a mission..."

  • The group had been making quite a racket, well enough of one to attract the attention of Russell, the enchanter. He fingered the small gold band placed upon his ring finger and entered the tavern, curious.

    Almost before he had stepped in the door a barrage of yells reached his ears.
    "Who are you?"
    "What would you like to drink?"
    "Can you join our quest?"

    Russell nodded. Yes he would love to join this mighty quest, by whom was it led?
    A strange girl in green with a bow strapped across her back showed Russell to Ferazel.
    "Hullo, what brings you into the land of Cythera, and more importantly, can you join us?"
    Russell, again, nodded still mindlessly fingering the plain ring.

    He is in control of some great power, thought Ferazel.
    You can tell by the way his eyes shift about, the way he is always alert with all his senses. You can tell he has power from the way he is uneasy. Russell was a middle sized man, not of particular muscle, but certainly one trained in the arts of Magick. He wore a simple robe over a soft leather like armour. his feet were clad in simple brown boots, tied to about half way up his shins. Apart from the small curving dagger strapped to his side, he appeared to have no weapon. But looks can be decieving, Ferazel knew this just as well as any Cythera citizen, if not better.

    "Good" Ferazel returned to his little gizmo, and Russell shuffled into the crowd.

  • Suddenly EmuHunter25 runs into the tavern and gets into a discussion with Ferazel. Ferazel appears alarmed and he starts to make an announcemant. "Before I arrived here I sent out EmuHunter25 to check on Alaric. When he arrived there he discovered some disturbing news. It appears that Hadrian has been kidnapped! Without him the gaurds are in disarray. I fear that Omen is already at work" The tavern erupted into murmuring. "We will have to go as soon as possible to LandKing Hall. After that we will go Kosha to see if the three brothers know anything."

  • Harper meanwhile fretted in his seat. "Hadrian is one of my best customers! This is terrible!" Harper gasped as someone came into the Tavern. "Brink!" Brink smiled. "I'm not going to stay long, just wanted to see how things are going." Harper quicky filled him in. Brink looked worried. "Listen, Harper, you don't need to go on this quest. I didn't expect something like this to happen" "I'm staying Brink. I knew this would get dangerous." Brink nodded. "Thats good for you. However, I'm going to ask my pals to keep an eye on you. This isn't math Harper. Once something is done, theres no erasing. Also, I have something for you" Brink pulled something out of his sack. It was the Sword of Heros. Even Harper knew what it was. "Where'd you get that?" asked Harper, awe in his voice."Lets just say that I know some people at the Bellerphon museum" said Brink grinning. Harper gently took it, admiring the shiny metal. Brink got ready to go. "Oh, and Harper?" "Haper looked up. "Hm?" "Don't lose it" Brink left, leaving Harper wondering if Brink was talking about the sword or himself.

  • Ferazel then beats another newbie, quits StarCraft, and shuts the lid of his device (iBook, if you haven't noticed :) ). Then, he clears his throat and announces, "We have quite enough people now. Okay everyone, let's set off for Land King Hall!"

    Soon on the trail, they had passed Odemia, and were almost to the north-eastern corner of Cythera. Very weary, and with the sun dropping in the sky, everyone pitched in with making a camp for the night. After the last tent was pitched, the sun had just dropped past a grove of trees. Admiring the sunset, Ferazel conjured a fire, as well as taking some flatbread and titan steak from a pouch he carried. Munching on the bread and twirling a dagger, he watched the sun set over the edge of Cythera.

    Before he went in to his tent to sleep, he said to all his companions, "Good night everyone, and as soon as we restore order to Land King Hall, we shall set off to Pnyx to get a couple of my students to aid us."

  • Katze lay in her sleeping bag, listening to the calming night noises. She was just about asleep when a crunch of boots on stone roused her. The footsteps came closer. Katze, alarmed silently slipped on her belt full of daggers.
    She leapt out of the tent and right on to Russell, who gave a yell and stepped away from Katze. She was frozen, in mid air, where she ahd come into contact with Russell.
    Russell mumered a small apology and thawed her out.

    "Just what the hell do you think you were doing? Creeping around the camp like that?" Katze glared at Russell very suspiciously, still wielding her dagger.

    Russell fingered his ring nervously, and muttered something incoherent. "I was just... I was... Checking the campsite, thats what I was doing" he fiddle with his ring and glanced over around the campsite to see if they had woken anybody.

    Katze obviously didn't believe him, but she had no choice but to except what he said.

    Russell slide back into his tent, and left Katze wondering what he was really doing.

    "New failures call for new inventions" - Famous words, Russell

  • As stealthy and unobtrusive as Russell thought he'd been, he had nevertheless been observed by several others besides Katze.

    On hearing Katze yell, Sideline started awake and began making a stealthy movement toward his sword. He halted as a small stone struck his bedroll; glancing in the direction it came from, he saw Trinias staring at him. Trinias gently shook his head, and pointed two fingers toward his eyes. Sideline nodded understanding; he was simply to watch.

    Sideline looked around the camp, and saw that at least one other was alert. Brianna had her eyes open, watching, and Sideline noted with satisfaction that both she and Trinias had their bows handy. He'd yet to see Brianna in action, but he had a feeling she'd be quite an asset.

    Brianna exchanged glances with the two watching men. This was her first expedition with these people, and she didn't know their capabilites yet; she was comforted to know she wasn't the only one on the alert. Their apparent suspicion of someone who was ostensibly a member of their own party was also quite interesting; the subtle interplays wouldn't be wasted on her Grandfather, when she told him.

    As the situation with the dark woman seemed to resolve, Brianna set her senses alert, closed her eyes, and entered a trancelike resting state.

    "Grandfather was right," she thought, as her consciousness waned; "this place is proving to be most fascinating!"

  • Harper had slept through it all, though getting up early and saw the sun just poking its bright yellow light up, and the first rays hit cythera. He got out his thermos, full of warm coffee. He pulled out the sword and looked at it. It had once done wondrous things and saved cythera and now it was in the hands of a bumbling fool who knew nothing of swordsmanship. Was it destined to save cythera again? Harper sighed, feeling much more at home with numbers. He was so absorbed in his pondering that he didn't notice Sasha come up. He jumped up when he heard her voice asking "May I take a look at it?" Once Harper had recovered, he handed it to her saying "I know its just some metal, but I can't feel that I deserve it. I who know nothing of how to even use it…" Sasha had finished examining it and took a couple waves with it. The sound of air being cut was heard. "If you want, I can teach you how to use it. " Sasha looked a touch grim "I'm sure you'll need the knowledge before this quest is over" Sasha then began to show Harper basic movements and procedures.

  • In the morning, once Trinias had cooked them some breakfast, they started to pack up the camp. Ferazel, having packed up his tent, practiced throwing his daggers. Katze suddenly stole up behind him. Scared, a dagger fell and pierced one of his sandals. Stooping down to pick up his dagger, Katze gave him a few pointers on how to throw his daggers. Nodding, Ferazel took one of her pointers, and hit the center of a tree.

    Soon, the camp was all packed up. It was only an hour's walk to Land King Hall, and everyone started off. Along the way, they noticed a cool breeze passing through the trees, and the sun starting to rise in the sky. Ferazel smiled, sighed, and walked over to Katerei, who was investigating a small plant off to the right side of the path. Ferazel stooped down as well, and noticed that this plant wasn't native to Cythera. "Katerei, what do you notice about this plant?" Ferazel said. "It seems to give off some magic," Katerei replied, "This is unusual for a Cytheran plant." "Yes," Ferazel said, "We have all explored other places, this must have been from somewhere else, most likely another world."

    As they walked away, behind the group now, they never noticed the plant growing bigger, and bigger, spreading to nearby trees and across the path.

    Meanwhile, the group had arrived at Land King Hall. Squeezing inside the narrow entrance, the group noticed signs of a fight on the floor. Blood was spread all over the ground, and outside, but stopped abruptly outside the entrace. Walking further in, Ferazel hurried to the front of the group, where it had stopped next to Alaric. "Hello, Alaric." Ferazel greeted. "Welcome, Ferazel, and thank you for stopping by to investigate this. Hadarin has been kidnapped, and we suspect by Omen."

  • Sasha stepped forward, and bowed slightly to Alaric; Trinias and Ulf followed suit.

    "Sire, I am Sasha, of the Ronin. My two companions are Trinias and Ulf, also of the Ronin. We're honoured to meet you, although we could've wished for more pleasant circumstances."

    "Ah, and I'm glad to finally meet you," Alaric replied. He kissed the back of Sasha's hand, much to her embarrassment, then shook hands with Trinias and Ulf. "I've heard some interesting tales of your adventures since you arrived. But I thought there was seven of you!"

    "One of our number was on a journey south when this crisis came up," Sasha replied. "The other three remained behind in Cademia. We have reason to believe that some other danger will arise shortly, and we didn't want to tie up too many of us on this quest, just in case."

    "I see, that seems wise. Now what of the rest of you? I see few faces here that I know."

    Introductions were rapidly concluded, and their attention returned to the problem at hand.

    "I don't understand this move," Ferazel said, frowning. "Hadrian is just the captain of the guard; what could Omen possibly hope to gain by kidnapping him?"

    "It would make sense," Sasha mused, drawing on her extensive campaign experience, "if the objective was to demoralise and confuse the entire guard; and he wouldn't want to do that unless he planned to move on Landking Hall itself."

    "Unless he just wanted to confuse us ," Harper corrected, looking at her over the top of his glasses.

    Sasha grinned at her latest student. "Yes, that might well be the case. Does anyone else have any other ideas?"

    Two wrongs are just the beginning.

  • Katerei stood back and waited while the others talked to Alaric. She had been pretty quiet the whole trip, but especially now she was silent. Not being from around Cythera, she didn't really know any of these people, and her previous experiences made her pretty wary of strangers.

    Sasha looked over at Katerei and smiled broadly. "You're like a mouse over there, Katerei. Come on, I'll introduce you to Alaric." She took Katerei's arm and led her over to Alaric, who was talking to Ferazel. Sasha waited until a break in the conversation, then spoke.
    "Alaric, sir, I would like you to meet Katerei. She has come to stay with us in Cademia for a time, and decided to come on this adventure."

    Katerei gave a small curtsy. "I am in your service, your Highness. May the moon always shine for you, and let the elements be your friend." It was the traditional thing for Elemence to say to a higher-ranking person.

    Alaric gave her a searching look as she stood up. She definitely wasn't human, and her blue hair and skin showed that she wasn't an elf either. He had never seen anyone who looked like her before, but Alaric didn't mind as long as she was trustworthy.

    He smiled at the young woman. "I hope you have a good time in Cythera, my dear, and good luck on your adventure. But I see you have no weapon?"

    Ferazel grinned and spoke up. "Sir, she has a concealed weapon. Of course," he said to Katerei, "if you had your mace you couldn't conceal it."

    "It would be rather hard, yes," she smiled. "Daggers are much easier." Then Trinias came up and asked Alaric something, so Katerei turned to Ferazel they and started discussing some plans for the trip.

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