• I just unintentionally erased my saved game file! I was about 3/4 of the way through the game and now I've had to start all over ARGH.
    Does anyone know of cheats, trainers, or level-ups that would allow me to get back up to speed faster?

    thanks all

    Since the internet has no walls or fences who needs Windows or Gates?

  • Pandora's box works great. It's not to tough to find if you look.

  • I've got pandoras box, now what?

    There are a million different lines of binary. What does what?

  • I'm lost. What are you talking about? P's box? Is that bad or good? Acoording to what my S.S. teacher once told me, that was bad.

  • Pandora's Box is universal cheat software, not to be confused with the mythical pandora's box from which everything that was bad came. You can search for values in memory of other programs, when you've narrowed the list down to the single value in memory, you can replace it with the numbers you want. The works great for training points in Cythera. BTW, the number of training points is a single byte.

  • Neato!!! Where do I get it! I want it! I want it! I'll GIVE to get more training points!

  • Search for "Pandora's box"(minus quotes) at

  • Thanx! :) <jarjarbinks> Meesa verrie graytefull! </jarjarbinks>

  • ok, umm, how do i use pandora's box, do i have to register it first to use it or not, and if not how do i use it, cause i have no idea where to start thanks

  • If it's unregistered, you can only search for specific values. It still works well enough that you can cheat, though.

    I'm only going to say this once:

    To be able to use Pandora's Box, you should know basically how computer memory works. Each application has specific space allocated to it. At each address, a value is stored. All these values are variables in the game. They can be anything from the number of training points you have to the type of tile at x-17 by y-32.

    The problem presented by this when it comes to cheating is that no one except the application(in our case, Cythera) knows what any of those values represent just by looking at them. To cheat, you have to be able to figure out what address you're looking for. Enter Pandora's Box.

    To figure out what you're looking for, Pandora's box needs to know the current value that is in the memory location. Obviously, with the millions of different addresses allocated to Cythera, some values are going to be the same, so you have to search multiple times(usually). The most effective way to do this is to go back into the game to change your value. This is usually as simple as training once. Then go back to Pandora's box to search for the new value.

    When you have found the address you're looking for, Pandora's Box can change the value to whatever you want. Gotta love unprotected memory ;). Training points are a byte value, BTW, so only use byte mode for that.

  • ok, lary's a bit slow, must be all the paint chips as a kid, nevermind that. no need to repeat all that i think i understand some of it, but give me some examples, like if what exactly am i looking for? thanks

  • Look for whatever value you want to change!

    ex. I want to change my training points. Since I doubt Glenn Andreas allocated more than a byte to training points, I set the search to byte. If I set it too high, it won't find what I'm looking for. Currently, I have 5 training points. I search for '5'. Pandora's Box comes up with 10,000 matches. Back in the game, I go train. Now I have 4 points. I search for '4'. Pandora's box finds 7 matches. I go back to the game and train again. Now I have 3 points. I search for '3'. Pandora's Box locates a single match. That is the value I'm looking for. I change the value to 255 in Pandora's Box. When I go back to Cythera, I have 255 training points. Yay!

  • muchas gracias

  • That gives me a lot more info on how Pandora's box works to.

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