• Wait! Sorry, I was at dinner so I couldn't talk. I still want that account, please.

    Taft's Law: "If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con,' then 'progress' is the opposite of 'congress.'"
    Norman's Household Hint: "Give me a home where the buffalo rome, and you've got a room full of buffalo chips."
    Canada Bill's Supplement: "A Smith & Wesson beats four aces."
    Westheimer's Rule: "To estimate the time it takes to do a task, estimate the time you think it should take, multiply by two, and change the unit of measurement to the next highest unit...thus we allocate two days for a one-hour task."

  • I'm saving it for you, I just need you to tell me what e-mail address I should ship it too.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

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