Sorry for my lack of posts

  • I am sorry that I haven't posted in the TSes or tavern lately, I've been directing the vast majority of my creative talent towards the chron I'm working one. (It's up to about 24 pages of 10 point type. WooHoo! )

    After this chron, I have another planned, but I will try in ernest to make a comeback in Kul'Shar world 5, the one that was asigned to me :)
    Chances are I'll be mostly MIA in world 3, but I should be able to get some posts in on world 4.

    Anyway, I'm trying to give you all high quality chrons, so please endure my lackluster TS posting of late. I do have a TS planned, Involving the Water Shard, but it will be some time (Perhaps a week) before I can get the intro written, and I may elect to wait until one of the running TSes is finished. On the other hand, guilt may overcome me and I may write the Water Shard intro today ;)

    Also, my mother is recovering from surgury, so I am pulling a little more load than normal around the house, so I don't have as much writing time as normal.
    Furthermore, It's been almost nothing but sunny here, and I do most of my writng when it is overcast. (Er, I don't know why, it just puts me in a creative mood :) )

    Yeah, excuses, excuses. And I'm wasting time typing this. I'd better get back to work...

    That Lightning is out of rockets now, we can take it out easy!
    (Famous Last Words #804)

    Where do you want to (url="http://"")teleport(/url) today?

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