More end of game questions

  • 1.) In tyrants tomb I got across the little river thing to the left and got the door open, now what do I do? Is there more rooms to explore? What does the belt in the coffer do?

    2.)just to see what would happen I gave Charax the shroom and then tried to distill the Cronla but it says 'hmm, nothing seems to happen' is this what it is supposed to do? I know that you have to distill the Cronla and then use it on Alaric.

    1. That's all there is to the tomb. About the belt, look at your stats after you put it on. You should notice something different.

    2. Charax got the kelp, right? Charax needs to be the one to load up the distiller. The crolna also needs to be fully assembled.

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