Mage Lock

  • Does anyone know where I can find another scroll for undoing a mage lock? I did something that ruined it, so the scroll is gone and i didn't get to use it.

  • You may out of luck. As far as I know, the only way to learn Remove Mage Lock is from the scroll in Itanos's desk in Kosha.

  • Actually, some other people have mentioned that there is at least one more copy of "Remove Mage Lock" and even discussed where to find it. So, don't give up hope - maybe one of them will post again for you - I think the original postings on this subject were before Cythera had it's own web board, and thus were lost when the Cythera board was created.

    Also, may want to check Slayer's site - he might have listed it there - I don't remember his URL but if you look through some postings here you should come across it.

  • The tome for Remove Mage Lock is in the Fifth Degree Hall, and the scroll is in Itanos of Kosha's desk.

  • I think that tome is Mage Lock. You know how the Abilities tab shows your spells in the order of what hall they come from? Remove Mage Lock is AFTER my 8th degree spells.

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