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  • How do you get that book from the woman who hangs out at the river?

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  • "Complete Seek out Prusa. Go talk to Prusa. Go back to town to get some sleep. Talk to her again. Repeat as many times as necessary. Make sure to talk to her several times in a row, as she has a lot to say. She should give you the book after you talk to her for several days."

    That's a direct quote from (url="http://"")Slayer's Guide.(/url) Personally, I didn't have much trouble with that one, but I've heard from a lot of others that did. Perseverance seems to be the key.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to Cythera :)

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  • I've heard of people getting it on their first and second tries, myself, it took me 10+ days.

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  • Heh, I never got it, sure tried though. I suggest you use a less orthodox meathod, taking advantage of the fetch bug. I'm sure you can think of how to use it.

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  • That one took forever, but, yep I think Slayer is right, when I used his guide a couple years back it worked.

    Welcome to Cythera!

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  • Ahem! Odysseus nudges Mr. Somebody You forgot the smilie! ;)

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  • you can "duplcate sapphire books with out using any spell at all. First put the book in a chest, mopen the chest so that you can see the contents talk to the libarian tell him password etc.... after he "takes the book, you should still see it in the chest, drag it out of the chest and ON TO THE GROUND, it will fly in from off screen, pick it up and repeat, note that some times this doesn't work.

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