The Hill Mages blade

  • Well its come to my attention that most of the recent TS's ahve fallen into disuse, the threads have counted up above them, and drove them downward with shame, crushing all hopes of a good action packed TS.

    Well, i would love to start a new TS with a reletivly simple story line.
    An important sword, the sword of the Hill Mages. This sacred blade was used to bond Alaric with the land. By drawing blood with this blade, then letting it flow unquenched into the abyess (sp?) would bind the person who's blood had dripped, to the land of Cythera, for aslong as they see fit.
    If the brave Cytherian warriors don't stop this gang of ruffians, monsters, demons undead and other minions of evil, the land will be lost for ever, so of course they'll succseed, but thats beside the point!
    I'll start off, and if people won't ahve a bone of this, i will get a moderator to delete it, simple. I would like to play the position of bad guy, but if you'd like to join the dark side and help me, please email me saying with what character ect.
    I'd also like to play the part of the imprisoned corrupted mage, Magpie.

    -Crowning a Tyrant-
    The mage barely lifted the heavy sword, carrying it nobely towards Melector, Alarics predeccesor.
    The 9 sacred ones chanted incantations constantly, under thier breath spells poised to strike down any unfaithfull. Should this fail, the end of Cythera was assured.
    The spells would protect all if they had chosen unwisely, if thier new kind turned out to be a pawn of the enemy.
    The head master Mage, Dinus, ancestor of Lindus, stepped forward. The mages that formed the 9 in thier sacred circle were not the only ones chanting spells.
    Melector knelt over the abyses, the knowledge of Cythera battering against his resistant mind. It wasn't meant to be like this.

    "Melector, son of Delarr. You are ot be cronwed ruler of Cythera, you will not tunr back, you will not fail, for it is not written this way. Do you accept the bonadge with Cythera, for as long s you see fit, you will wield your power fitfully?"
    Melector nodded solemly, and finished his incantation. Everything was set, all he had to do was make the cut.
    The sword was plain, plain to any normal eye, but any who new the art of Magick would see clearly in its crystaline depths every field of wheat, every tree, every grown rock, formation of forest. All that Cythera was.
    The blade rested on Melectors forarm, the blade currently unsharp. This could change in an instance with the right words. He spoke them, and lifted the sword, slicing gently into his flesh, the blood flowed to the wound.
    A drip formed, hund for an enternity, and dropped.
    In that small eternity, the mages had realised thier mistakes, the terrible plauge that would envolope the land. This king would rule as a Tyrant, everyone in his path would fall.
    Melector smiled, fingering his cut, bringing washes of pain. A voice spoke to him, cold and hard, huritng his mind. It called itself Omen
    "Well done Melector, the bondage is complete, now, do exactly as i intsruct, and the land will soon be yours for ever"
    Melector whispered the reply with malicousness "For ever" He sealed thier deal, and stood. The start of the riegn of the tyrant.

    After the Tyrant was overthrown, another attempt was made on the land of Cythera, by Omen and his associates.
    Now a third attempt was being made to capture the sword of the Hill Mages, but this time the attacker was unknow, was it Omen once again? Or had his failure stopped any chance of further attmepts on his behalf. The Hill Mages blade was stored deep in the abyses, and only one person could retrieve it, the kings fool, Magpie. But Magpie was still in prison in the Mages Crystal. His amazing powers corrupt by Slayers crystal, first the Cytherian warriors would have to free him, then uncoprrupt him, then rescue the sword. All while the invader come closer and closer to finding the sword.

    Yesterday, we bent our necks to kings and emperors. But today, we kneel only to truth -Kahil Gibran

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    Originally posted by Magpie:
    **...only one person could retrieve it, the kings fool, Magpie. But Magpie was still in prison in the Mages Crystal. His amazing powers corrupt by Slayers crystal...

    Um, this bit's confusing. Are you reinventing your character? I'd have to object to doing it this way, since the events surrounding Slayer's crystal have become rather inextricably linked to the history of some of my characters. (for clarification, review the Tavern, parts III and IV, or see part 2 of New Horizons, due out in a couple of weeks ;) )

    The story idea sounds good though, and I think I'd take part if that part was 'restructured'. ;)

    Kobayashi Maru!

  • Of course, my honour.
    Now the blade is stored in the abyess, and the only person that can retrieve it is King Alaric, who is dieing with a poisen that has only one cure. The adventures would ahve to find the cure, then get the sword.

    And as ressurecting my character goes? I decieded i liked Magpie as the good mage much more then i do Darken Rahl. I understand resurecting him would be difficult and confusing, so if you all thik im being self centered and anoyying with my wishes, i will just forget about it, no hard feelings :).

    Yesterday, we bent our necks to kings and emperors. But today, we kneel only to truth -Kahil Gibran

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