• Does anybody know anything about those mysterious footprints leading into the sea from Catamarca? They appear to be human...

  • I don't remember ever having seen footprints, but my guess is that they are of Undine origin.

  • They lead from the dwellings in the southwest part of town, down to the water and then disappear. Undine seems most likely, but what Undine mischief occured in Catamarca? I suppose the fragment of Crolna could have been deliberately placed under the Citadel by the Undine. Is this the meaning of the footprints? hmmm.

  • they could be the undine, but why is it that they begin right at that door? and what about that little strip of land that they lead to, could that have some significance? and is the omen a being like the seldane or undine? besides the fact that he seems to be stalking you.

  • It could be "Pelagons" foot prints. He got swallowed by a Scylla and died, but then maybe the shapeshifter came from the beach of Catamarca.

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