New chronicles 7/15

  • This week, Cache 22 has brought us part two of his story "New Horizons", though it is long enough to be parts 2 through 7. By virtue of its length, more happened in this chapter than I can really recount here, but I'll try. This chapter revealed a great deal of information about the origins of the Ronin, traced some of the actions of Kronos, the time elemental, expanded upon the arrival of the Ronin on Cythera, and much, much more. I recommend that all of you find a free hour or so to read this masterpiece (url="http://";=52&forum;=*Cythera+Chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000093&startpoint;=")here(/url). You won't be disappointed.

    There are still two chronicles left before we determine July's chronicle of the month. Will someone come forward to defeat Cache? Although I don't think that it will be done, I would love to be proven wrong.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • I apologise for the lengths that the parts of this chronicle series are reaching, I didn't anticipate that there'd be so much to tell in each one. Unfortunately, each of the three parts forms an indivisible unit; I couldn't see anywhere that they could be sensibly split. I'm taking a little more care in planning my next series, and I hope to be able to split it into a larger number of smaller segments. I currently have four major blocks mapped out, and might yet be able to divide out a couple more. We'll see, there's plenty of time yet. ;)

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  • More like, "make sure to find a free day or two to read it." ;)

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