Kesh and Alaric's mommy,

  • How do I tell Sacas I know more about the kesh? I know that Darius has everything to do with it too, ascertainment told me that. I found the scroll talking about harpy eggs and kesh, and I evan found the bones around the campfire in the harpy hive. Does anyone know how I can find out anything about Alaric's mom? Also, in the upper stronghold in the North West, how do I get into the big room with the skeletons and undead in the lower floor of the stronghold. Oh, and has anybody read the Second Prophecy about Neleneus the Savant. It tells you a lot about what will happen to Alaric...

  • To tell Sacas more about Kesh, you actually need to make kesh.

    She's in the graveyard. Only one tomb is anywhere near the year she died(200-some). Try asking Alaric about the name on the tomb.

    Try using 'remove mage lock' on the door. I'm not sure, but I think explosives might do the job, too.

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