sell items, memory crashes & potions

  • 1. How do you sell items? Everybody I talk to acts confused.

    2. I keep getting "out of memory" crashes even though I upgraded to most recent version. Also, I can't "save game" unless I choose "quit game" first. Any ideas?

    3. How do you make potions? Have been trained in alchemy but don't know how to go on from there.

  • i can answer questions 1 and 3...

    there isn't a whole lot of things that you can sell, i know that you can sell flax to hebe (in odemia).

    to make potions, you have to get some sort of element that is used to make potions (spider webs, peppermint, diamond, ruby, sulfur, or obsidian). then you have to find a distiller (there is one in pnyx) and fill it with water, if your magic is higher than 5 then use the disstiller on one of the elements, sometimes it dosen't work but most of the time it does.

  • Click in the Cythera icon and hit command i, go to Memory and in the Preferred Size box type in someting like 24000.

  • There's a book in the main library at the Magisterium that tells you what elements are needed to make what potions. As I recall, it's the open book on one of the tables.

  • There's also a real nice(at least I like to think so ;)) guide to potions and elements at http://www.sweepies....era/cythera.htm

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