Journey to Auracti (TS)

  • *** OoC ***
    Note that you ought to read page 2 and 3 of 'reqiem', or check the custom items thread under Runic Discs if you want to get the full story. Doing so would not be essental to perticipation in the story, feel free to join anyway.
    *** Bic ***

    “Tencis Tranak Acti Nawl!"
    With a flash of light, the voice activated runic disks responded to Talm’s command and brought him into their World. Soon, though, Talm was not alone in the inbetweenspace of the disks.
    He heard a female voice echo his words, and Salmaris faded in beside him.
    Again, someone in the real world issued the command and appeared.
    In seconds, Wolmark stood to the right of Talm.

    The trio gazed out at the panoramic view. Their perspective was of someone aloft over Cademia. They could see Talm’s moored Balloon, swaying slightly in the afternoon breeze.

    “Incredible!” Said Wolmark, taken in by the awesomeness of the sight.
    The thought, suspended upon nothing, floating unobstructed through the air. Even an illusion such as this was worthy of fascination.

    Talm watched silently as the view shifted to a strange cave.
    Seldane hieroglyph adorned the pillar supporting a Green, glowing crystal, not unlike the Solar Shard in many ways.

    “What is this?” Inquired Wolmark.
    Before Talm could say something to the effect of ‘Earth Shard’, Salmaris answered.
    “Gyeril, Elemental Crystal of Earth.”

    Talm nodded, deciding that Salmaris had done the job quite well.

    Once again, the view distorted momentarily and then shifted to the peaks of a waterfall. Caressed between two mossy rocks was a pure, blue shard.

    “Auracti, Elemental Crystal of Water.”
    Salmaris announced.

    “Is this were we’re headed?” Asked Wolmark.

    “Indeed, Auracti shall be are goal!” Said Talm, in reference to the journey they’d planned.

    Salmaris nodded.
    “A wise choice, given than Gyeril is a possession of Seldane, and that Chronak is probably out of our reach for now.”

    As the view ahead of them shifted to a view of Talm’s study, the place from which they’d left, They each touched the glowing monotone of the secondary disc.


    The three returned to the study, and the presence of Katze, Moonshadow and Flynn.
    “How was it?” asked Katze.

    “Amazing!” Exclaimed Wolmark.

    Talm nodded in agreement. “It never ceases to be interesting, I’ll say that!”

    Salmaris, not terribly impressed herself, having grown up around advanced technology, stood silently.

    “So, are we going to find the Shard of Water?” Queried an excited Moonshadow.

    “It seems so, yes. We’ll make preparations for the voyage at once!”


    In the coming months, Cythera’s three greatest inventors, and a assortment of other interested people, planned and prepared for the quest.

    In order to avoid the threat of Sea Monsters, at Salmaris’ suggestion, they elected to create a revolutionary sea vessel, one as capable deep under the waves as above them. If the vessel could be sealed, the monsters could do nothing but thwart themselves trying to capsize it. Further, they devised the construction of specially strengthened armor for the craft, so it could not simply be dashed to pieces.

    It was only a few days before the voyage was scheduled to begin, and tensions were high. The ‘Submarine’, as Salmaris had called it, had undergone ocean trials with success. It was planned that the vessel would ride above the waves, with the vents open to the air, and then submerge when Monsters were sighted ahead. The air capacity was about eight hours, thanks to an ingenious air circulation system devised by the inventors. The craft had capacity for eight persons, and provisions for a month.

    The vessel was steam powered, heat being generated by the Solar Shard. (Temporarily appropriated from the balloon.)


    When the time came to collect a crew, just two days before setting out, Talm made an announcement, before the crowd that had gathered to see the Submarine.

    “We are In need of crew for our vessel, five persons. Fine adventurers. Do I have any volunteers?”

    *** OoC ***
    This is recruitment for the story. I’m sorry about the small crew capacity for the sub, but it is necessary to maintain realism. I must thus limit people to one character each. An exception is made for cache, who may bring a character in addition to Wolmark, and for me, since both Talm and Salmaris are needed. There are no other restrictions. Feel free to conspire outside of the story. It is set in an indeterminate very-near future time, so characters currently involved in stories are eligible to join.

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  • (url="http://"")http://homepage.mac....ictures/sub.jpg(/url)
    the sub floor plan. Make yourselves comfortable, you can now get your charicters on the sub and foramly join the TS. We will not depart until Moonshadow returns, though.

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  • dances around shouts and jumps
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    The sub bobbed up and down gently in the waves next to Cythera's newly built dock. Ropes and provisions in barrels lay stacked about, ready for the oncoming journey. A whirling vortex opened just next to the tyrants castle in Cademia, casuing the rather sleepy Lindus to swear under his breath. Out of the portal stepped, once again, Darekn Rahl. His spiked armour forming a complete shell around him, leaving only a small slit for the eyes and mouth on the Eyeless Honour.

    "Sorry Rahl, missed the sub a little" Rahl ignored Lindus and began walking over towards the new vessel. When he had almost reached it he shouted over his shoulder "I thank you Lindus, for your quick transport. Any later and i might not be able to go" Rahl bowed, his armour chinked noisily, and he continued his journey.
    Upon reaching the sub (as Talm had called it) Rahl beckoned. Wolmark came hurring over.
    "I see... I see you're joining us... You'll have to talk to Talm" Wolmark sped off, already shouting and waving at the workmen as they loaded on the supplies.

    Rahl took off his armoured boots and gauntlets, careful not to puncture the wooden hull of the ship as he jumped aboard.
    Rahl climbed down the ingeniously sealable hatch, quickly finiding Talm in the control room.
    Talm whizzed around and jumped "You scared me Rahl. Let me guess, you want to join our most noble quest?" Rahl chuckled as Talm recalled the words of thier first meeting
    "Yes i do wish to join your most noble quest. Now, where can I sleep?"

    OoC Bryce can i sleep in one of the two small beds near the contorl room? If not, i'll just move in my next post BiC

    Talm pointed down the corridor. "You can sleep in one of the two rooms just there" Rahl nodded and followed Talms finger to his room for the next for months.

    Darken Rahl removed all his armour, a rare thing, and placed it in a coffer alongside some obols and other items. He sat down heavily, and grinned; he was glad to help these people.

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  • I can only count 6 beds,
    two are tripple bunks.

    and there is no lounge room, provisions storage,
    No lounge, true, but we could hang around the control room. It's mostly empty. As for provisions storage, note the stacks of stuff in the galley. It's not going to be a very long voyage, anyway.

    forg or other essentials like that.
    no forge, true. Still, keep in mind that subs aren't known for roomyness.

    You should make a plan of the top level too. Just to show where the hatches are, and all >>that.
    THe main hatch to the deck is in the control room. A Emergency hatch is located along the main coridor, towards the engine room.

    As for Rhal's choice in rooming, you're all clear.
    - Bryce

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  • OoC Heh, i'm still complaing about the sub :p can we have portals in the bedrooms? BiC

    Rahl stomped down the corridor. The words 'Caution: Dangerous machinery' printed in common tounge announced the engine room. Rahl swung open the door, stepping inside. The machinery looked to be steam powered, and Rahl could see through the floor grating a bright red flame, seemingly suspened in midair. The Solar shard. It was held in midair by some sort of spell, but about a thumb beneath it a pair of tongs reached greedily for the shard, incase the spell should fail at any time. Just above the Solar shard a water tank, with various pipes leading from it, would supply the steam. The compressors (Wolmarks invention) could easily fill the balast tanks with air once again, causing the sub to rise.
    At the other end of the corriodr the control room announced its presence just like the engine room. 'Control room' printed boldly on the oval shaped door. The control room's inards were practcly empty, the only decoration being the padded captains chair infront of the christmas tree of levers, buttons and gauges. Rahl had an idea.

    He energeticly jumped up the ladder and onto the deck. He approached Wolmark, who then pointed in Talms direction, over in the dry dock where the sub had lain for so many months. "Talm! Can I speak to you for a sec?" Rahl bounded up to him "Can I borrow some obols?" Talm looked Rahl up and down
    "What for? And how many?" Rahl waved the first question away "I need about 300 obols"
    Talm took out a little purse, handing him thirty gold obols saying "I don't know what the hell you're going to do with all of that, but it better be good"

    1 and half hours later, four men loaded 2 largish square parcels down the hatch. Rahl slipped them each a coin, and went below deck to unviel his prise.
    Two of Cythera's finest couches, with rare Wolflizard bone structure, and the even rarer mountain Unicorn fur. The padding was made with down from the finest chickens throughout the land. The bone twirled exoticly round the hidden mithril struts that made the couches very sturdy.
    Rahl placed the couches either side of the control room. Rahl began chanting, his hands glowing a firery red, then white, wideband ultrawhite. Hotter then the Solar shard, Rahl welded the needle thin (but super strong) mithril to the floor, securing the two couches in place. Rahls hands soon cooled down.
    Darken Rahl grinned at himself, and his handiwork, for the first time thanking Magpie, for teaching him the spell no others could use.

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  • can we have portals in the bedrooms? BiC

    It was held in midair by some sort of spell, but about a thumb beneath it a pair of tongs >reached greedily for the shard, incase the spell should fail at any time.
    Unlike the balloon, the solar shard is enclosed in the sub. It's falling out caused major trouble on the first air journey, Talm and Wolmark wouildn't eant it to happen again. Also, it's best that water flow directly over it's surface for maximum effececy.

    OoC Can some one else start posting? It's broing with just one of me BiC

    Yes, I hope to do so.
    The rest of you post was good, please don't be upset, I value your contribution.
    I'm sorry to be nitpicky about this, but I'm used to chrons.... mmm, so much control :)

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  • Shiroko quietly made his way toward the dock. He watched as several people started loading what looked like supplies onto a strange boat partly submerged in the calm waters of the surrounding sea.

    'An adventure perhaps?' he thought to himself.

    He started debating with himself whether to go or not, and if he should decide to go, if it would be necessary to go and tell his leader.

    OoC bah.. I can't even remember my own characters :p

    While he was deep in thought(although, in fact, he was longing to join) he was startled by a large man clad in armor, that looked awfully like a warlord his people had fought, walk towards the strange boat with people carrying fine furniture.

    'Not an adventure, it must be a trade expedition,' he thought and started to walk away.

    When he turned around, he was suddenly faced with an old man. A quick glance told him that this indeed was a very old man, if he could be called a man. He looked very tired, but yet, seemed to generate a aura of power and strength. Shiroko quickly bowed in respect as was customary in his land.

    "Leaving so soon?" said the man, the very old man,"I'm sure Talm would be glad to have you onboard," the old man smiled welcomingly and pointed towards the ship.

    Shiroko hesitated for a moment, more to translate this newly learned language than from surprise, and said, "I am sorry, but my leader wouldn't want me to leave our people for some... trading expedition," he said, "I should leave now," and with that, he started to leave... but stopped when the old man chuckled, "Trade Expedition, eh? Talm would never use the Solar Shard for such things. I think you should go in and meet him, and find out what this is really about." With that the old man left Shiroko alone to wonder.

    After thinking for awhile, a very short while, Shiroko made up his mind and started to walk toward the ship.

    Well, forgive me if some of my character references were incorrect. It's been a while since I've been in any TSes so I'm unfamiliar with most of the characters. The armor clad man was Rahl and the old man was Lindus(Although while writing it I thought it was Alaric :p )

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  • Salmaris walked along the central corridor of the top level, inspecting the doors and hatches along the way. So far, everything on her ‘tour of inspection’ had been quite normal.
    Salmaris sighed. It seemed the human emotion of boredom had infected her.

    There was little for her to do now, the sub was complete, the cargo loading had finished four hours ago. This was actually her second inspection in the last three hours.
    The adventurers for the voyage had begun to board, so far at least two. But she’d already talked to them almost as soon as they boarded.

    Salmaris turned around, hoping to find more adventurers boarding.
    No such good fortune, at this time.


    Talm stood on the slightly swaying deck, watching a scarce few gulls circle overhead. A small crowd, much smaller than the original one, hovered around the sub, inspecting it. One youth had spuriously boarded the sub, without Talm’s current knowledge.

    The child approached Talm silently from behind.
    “HEY, mister, what’s this thing for?”

    Talm about jumped of the deck from fright, before turning around.
    He tried to suppress the chagrin.

    “It is for a voyage to find a crystal.”

    “Will you find it?”

    “Oh, I hope so.”

    “Can I see it when you get back?”


    “What’s it called?”


    “Can I come?”

    “No, that wouldn’t be good..”
    Talm slightly shuddered at the thought.
    “Perhaps you ought to be returning to land, eh?”

    “Okay mister!”

    Talm nodded as the youngster crossed the gangplank and returned to the vessel.
    A tap on his shoulder brought him about. It was Salmaris.

    “How are things up top?” the cyan-toned woman inquired.

    “all right, a little slow, though. We haven’t quite the expected turnout yet.”

    “Hopefully, word will get around. We can only hope that by tomorrow, we’ll have enough crew to depart.”

    Talm nodded in agreement.

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  • Wolmark heard the sound of a horse's hooves clip-clopping hollowly along the dock, and paused in his task of supervising the loading of supplies to see who it was.

    "Hi Flynn, glad you could make it!"

    Flynn grinned. "Of course I made it! Besides, it's not as if there's a schedule; you wouldn't have left without us, would you?"

    "Of course not," Wolmark chortled. "Where is Moonshadow, anyway?"

    "Oh, she'll be along shortly; she's just helping Leandra get settled in at Pnyx. Good of her to volunteer to stand in as Instructor of Healing, while Pheres is on sabbatical. I expect we'll see them both soon enough; you don't seriously think Leandra would let you go without saying goodbye, do you?"

    "Never! And this boat's not going anywhere until she does, even if I have to sabotage the engines!" Wolmark exclaimed humourously. Flynn clapped Wolmark on the shoulder as the two long-time comrades, close as brothers, shared a heartfelt laugh.

    "Anyway," Flynn continued, "I thought I might as well get mine and Moonshadow's gear stowed, while we wait." He indicated several packs, one small chest and other sundry items tied to the horse's saddle. "Could you get some of your workers to stow these in our cabin, please?"

    "Sure, no problem."

    Flynn took one package from the saddle. "I'll take care of this one myself; I don't want to risk it getting damaged."

    "What is it? Something new from Temrel's cave?"

    "No, nothing like that," Flynn laughed. "It's Moonshadow's harp. I was hoping I could convince her to serenade us occasionally. It's the forward cabin on the lower deck, right?"

    "Yes, that's the one." Flynn disappeared up the gangplank, while Wolmark called a few men over and instructed them to unload the horse. By the time Flynn returned, there was nothing left but the saddle.

    "I'll take Ginger here to the old barracks. Sasha and the others will take care of him while we're gone."

    "Right," Wolmark replied. "See you when you get back." He returned to supervising the loading, while the sound of the horse's hooves diminished into the distance.

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  • Silently, Shiroko walked into the strange vessel. At first he thought that the strange design was due to lack of skill in ship-making, but soon he saw that this was a very advanced ship and guessed that it was made to go underwater - a thought that chilled him to the bone at first.

    In the first room he came into he saw someone that looked like he was in charge, or atleast of some importance. Trying to summon the language that had been telepathically given to him in the tavern, he approached the man.

    "Hello," he said,"am I Shiroko(I am Shiroko)."

    Talm stared at the stranger with a puzzled expression. Seeing that he must have gotten his word's mixed up Shiroko tried again.

    "I is Shiroko."

    This was obviously enough for Talm to understand what he meant.

    "Ah.. yes. Welcome Shiroko to our ship, and maybe our little adventure here," he said, "I have heard vague rumors of a strange new people arriving in our land and have been wanting to meet one of your people, but as you can see we have been a bit busy preparing for our journey."

    This time it was Shiroko who had to stare with a quizzical expression.

    "I not know," he said.

    After Talm had repeated his sentence again, a bit more slowly, Shiroko smiled at having understood what seemed to him a long passage.

    "My services, give you," he said.

    Talm, having gotten a bit used to this, smiled and said, "Of course, we'd love to have you aboard. You can go ahead and choose a cabin, or if you wish, return and gather some gear and hurry back here."

    Shiroko smiled and gave a small respectful bow and head on out the hatch, obviously with intentions to return shortly.

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  • Firana stood a moment, taking in the view of the submarine. She took a deep breath, checked her pocket again to assure herself she hadn't lost the letter, and ran a hand through her long chestnut hair, making sure it was tied back. As her hand felt an oily sheen, a sudden worry filled her. She had forgotten to scrub her hair and privately began to hope he wouldn't notice.

    Firana looked about, wondering how stupid she looked gaping at the submarine and fretting with her hair. She took a heartbeat to steady herself, and walked up the plank. Inside, she found the man who resembled the person she was looking for.

    "Uh...excuse me sir. Would you happen to be 'Talm?'" she stuttered, and gritted her teeth as soon as she said the words. Firana wasn't used to public appearances, especially in front of famous people.

    The man turned to face her and smiled. "Of course, what can I do for you?" She felt slightly relieved he seemed to understand her situation.

    "Um...I heard that you were going on this grand voyage, and uh...that you might need a cook..." she trailed off for a moment, then suddenly remembered the letter. Fumbling the strap on her leather pouch, she drew out the piece of parchment and handed it to him with trembling hands. He took it from her and scanned his eyes across it.

    "Leandra says you're a good cook, one that can even make do with seafood, if it comes to that. I guess she's worried that we won't have anything to eat since she's not here." Talm studied her a breif moment, and then held out his hand. "Welcome aboard."

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    From his perch up on a hill, Amadeus watched the activity on the docks sullenly. He hadn't been on an adventure in a long time. The last one had been with his fellow elves...but did he really want to go on a journey with humans?

    Well, humans, an elf which was apparently coming later, and a...something. He wasn't sure about the other one, Talm's friend.

    Amadeus sighed. He wasn't even sure what their quest was for, but he knew they were travelling on something they called a 'submarine'. He'd been using a combination of his elven hearing and his air dart to listen to their conversations- by summoning a small wind, he could make the sound carry to him.

    It looked interesting, at any rate. He pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, sighing again. As hard as tried to think otherwise, he did want to go with them. But they were humans and he didn't even know any of them. Come to think of it, he didn't know if they'd let him come either.

    Couldn't hurt to try, could it? Amadeus frowned and stood up, looking down the hill. It seemed they were almost done loading. Now or never.

    He strode down the hill and met Talm at the docks, asking him straightout without even a greeting.

    "Do you have room on your submarine for one more?"

    Talm looked at Amadeus, surprised. Amadeus stood there impatienty, waiting for Talm's answer.

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  • 6, counting you, kat. plus Talm, Wolmark, Salmaris... that's 9... uhoh...
    Okay, there are technicly ten places to sleep, but one is a double bed, and we only have one couple. Just a sec, I'll make some changes to the floorplan.

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  • Wolmark oversaw the work on removing the rather large bed from the sub. It was a hard task, the bed had had to be disassembled into four pieces. (The same way it was brought into the bedroom)

    The three inventors had decided on a change in floor plan, the large bed in that room would be replaced by a pair of double bunks, suiting the needs of the slightly expanded crew.

    A small shift in rooming plan was in order, so:
    First room from top, Top level:
    Bottom bunk: Darken Rhal
    Middle bunk: Shiroko
    Top Bunk: Amadeus

    Second room from top, Top level:
    Bottom Bunk: Firana
    Middle Bunk:
    Top Bunk: Salmaris

    Bottom level, first room from top:
    Flynn & Moonshadow

    Bottom level, second room from top:

    Right Bunk:
    Bottom: Talm

    Left Bunk
    Top: Brink
    Bottom: Wolmark

    Kay, we need one more man and a woman. That's all.

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  • Brink walked up, and said"I'm in. Sorry I'm a bit late, had slight problems…"

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  • OoC Hey J.Ace, is it ok if i hijake Shiroko for a bit? Well, i'll go ahead, and we can delete the post if ya don't like it BiC

    A odd man bumbled into the cabin, almost bumping into Rahl on the way out. He stopped short of the spiked armour with a sharp indrawel of breath. "I is Shiroko" He said, using his words from last time, they seemed the work.
    "I am Darken Rahl, I am in this cabin, unless of course, you wish to join me" Rahl smirked and motioned the empty top bunk. "Search other" Shiroko bumbled out again leaving Rahl and his armour to himself. Darken Rahl stomped inot the control room.
    "Rahl! Excelent choice of furniture!" Salmaris motioned for Rahl to sit next to her on the couch. Unstrapping his armour, he joined her.
    "Does Talm have a name for this marvelous vessel yet?"
    Salmaris spoke, her voice clear in the rather bare control room "I will leave that to Talm to say. After all, it is his boat"

    Talm found Rahl later that day on the bottom level, silently staring out of the ports, his gauntlets removed so as not to scratch the glass. "I've decided to call the boat..." Rahl jumped round
    "I didn't see you there Talm. I have had a thought, the water is no doubt very dark at the depths we will descend to escape sea monsters. Why don't we find someway to illuminate the darkness? Perhaps passive spells?"
    Talm shook his head "I'm not particuly profecient in the arts of Magick, and know of no such spells"
    Rahl began chanting with a slightly mesmeric effect. His guantlet, which now lay lossely over his right hand, began to glow. After a minute or so of chanting the gauntlet glowed like a torch was held in the palm. "This spell will only last a few seconds, for that is the time I set, however i can cast the spell for much greater periods of time, up to about a week i think"
    "I'll think about it, and the boat is called..."

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  • NIACIP (Not In Any Character In Particular): Razmalak may show up later in this story- there again, there's actually quite a high chance he won't make ith through Bane...



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  • Shiroko, feeling that the strange armor clad man must not be very friendly, went down to the next cabin. It seemed as one or two people had already settled in here, but none were present. He sat down on the bunk in the middle which seemed to be empty, and slowly closed his eyes and murmured "Shinisokonau", falling into a deep, refreshing trance.
    He had not slept or rested for several days, trying to explore the new strange land and always returning to his people, who - though they did not like it or were accustomed to it - were hiding in one of the several caves found in the mountain range, close to where they first arrived. He longed to have his eagle companion with him, but could not bring him considering this would be a underwater expedition.
    Completely oblivious that this strange contraption that would bring such wonders and horrors was receiving it's name, Shiroko remained as if set in stone, waiting for the adventure to begin.

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  • "I think this craft is suited to the name ' Deep Passage ', unless you disagree...", Talm Said.

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  • Well, I'm back... the finals are over, and I even survived the oral examination. And I'm very grateful to all of you for waiting for me before really starting the quest!

    Late that day - the sun was just beginning to set, grazing the western horizon with mingled shades of red and gold - a shimmering, oval portal opened in the now deserted area of the docks where cargo had been brought aboard the sub. Out of it stepped two women. One was wearing the formal robes of an instructor of Pnyx, the other was clad all in white.
    The red-haired magess looked around the dockside area with a frown on her face. "You'd think they'd be here waiting for us... I travel all this way just to say good-bye, and there's nobody here."
    The other woman, quite obviously an elf, laughed. "Come on, Leandra, it wasn't actually that much of a journey - all you did was step through the portal I opened."
    "Well..." Leandra hesitated, "it's a matter of principle."
    "Okay then... principally, I'd suggest going aboard the submarine. They're most likely to -"
    "Moonshadow, Leandra!"
    Both women turned around to see Flynn, coming down the gangway. "Wolmark's on his way," he said, forestalling Leandra's question. "There were some minor last-minute adjustments to be made. Where have you been? I'd expected you to be here sooner."
    "Yeah... sorry." Moonshadow replied. To Flynn, she didn't look one bit repentant. "It all took a little bit longer than planned, and Helen had prepared that really excellent dinner. You never know what food you get aboard a ship, she said." Moonshadow shrugged. "Frankly, I don't think it's much different from what you get on a balloon, but her dinner was great, nonetheless, and - ah, hello, Wolmark!"
    "Sorry I'm late, but -"
    "Last minute adjustments, we know..." Moonshadow interrupted his explanations. He quite obviously enjoyed working on the submarine, but the elf had a natural dislike of technical work. Furthermore, she felt like somebody just had to cut him short, or he'd go on about this all evening.

    After having said farewell, she led Flynn towards the sub, taking his hand and leaving Leandra and Wolmark to themselves.
    "Are we ready to leave yet?" She asked.
    "Not quite... we're still waiting for a few more people to join, and I don't think we'd leave at night, anyway."
    "Oh." For some reason, Moonshadow looked disappointed. Flynn sensed that his reply wasn't quite what she had expected, but he didn't know why. She was looking at the submarine with a strange expression of sadness and melancholy on her face, strongly reminiscent of the way she'd looked, watching the sea where the marvelous Air Castle had fallen.
    "Well, I guess you can't have everything," she shrugged, her face brightening, but Flynn was not fooled.
    "What's wrong?" He asked gently.
    "Oh, nothing... I'm -" she stopped, shaking her head, recognizing her effort as futile. "Well, actually, I'm not. But it's nothing to worry about." She walked up the gangway. "Where's our room?"
    "On the lower deck, forward cabin." Flynn replied, sighing inwardly at her sudden change of the subject. Whatever was troubling her, Moonshadow obviously didn't want to talk about it. He'd have to try again later. "I'll show you the way."
    "Right... maybe I'd get lost otherwise..." She muttered under her breath, but she was smiling nonetheless. "And it was a tiring day."
    "Undoubtedly," Flynn teased, glancing at the portal which would remain open for Leandra to return to Pnyx.
    "Well, those who can work magic clearly have the advantage." Moonshadow retorted. "If you'd stayed you wouldn't have had to ride all the way."
    "Yes... and I'd have been the one to carry all our luggage."
    "You could have taken the horse..." Moonshadow suggested.
    "But that's what I did!" Flynn replied, deliberately misunderstanding her statement. "Seriously, you should make up your mind..."
    Moonshadow laughed, opening the hatch with a casual flick of her fingers before Flynn could bend down to do it. On their way down the ladder they passed the control room, where Salmaris was just checking everything yet again. She was plainly anxious to get going.
    "Hey, Salmaris. It's good to see you again." Moonshadow greeted, smiling.
    Salmaris smiled back at her. "I see you arrived at last. Welcome aboard the Deep Passage."
    "Thanks." Moonshadow looked around the control room. "It's all very... technical."
    Salmaris nodded, wondering whether she had just been complimented or not.
    "Nothing like a whale..." Moonshadow continued thoughtfully, looking out of the porthole.
    Salmaris nodded again, somewhat puzzled. Why should submarines be looking like whales?
    "But then again, it wouldn't be." Moonshadow concluded her soliloquy. "It's all very technical, after all." Apparently satisfied by her own argument, the elf turned back towards Salmaris and Flynn. "Can I see the rest of the ship?"
    "Sure," Salmaris nodded. "There's not that much to see, though, unless you're interested in the... technical aspects of the submarine."
    "Uhm, no, thank you. Just seeing the rest of the ship will be fine."
    Salmaris sighed. Trying to arouse the elf's interest in technology was a hopeless endeavor. "Well.. the galley is down the corridor." She pointed at an oval door, the only other way out of the control room.
    "Right. Maybe we'll meet some of the others there, too." Flynn said. "I'm sure there are some you haven't met yet."
    Moonshadow nodded, and both left the control room.

    Time for a change, I guess...

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