Cythera AI Scripts and Library of Books

  • Cymltaneous Solutions has two new releases -- both for Cythera.

    The first is a set of AI scripts that are supposed to be specially tailored to the characters (though their effectiveness can be left to you to judge). If I get comments and suggestions I just might pursue the programming of additional scripts.

    The second is a library of the full text (yeah, all 10 lines, for the longest ones...) of the books in Cythera. I'm not done, but if anyone would like to help finish it, I'd appreciate it...

    Anyway, follow the link in my sig to get to these things. I'm about to upload them to the Cythera add-ons page, so they'll be there too after however long it's supposed to take for them to get up there.

    (Edit) Correction: I'm only going to upload the AI scripts. The library is a web page. (/Edit)

    Mike Lee (Firebird)
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