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  • Entropy is a RPG I have been working on for a while. It is set in a second dark age, full of mutants (Some with psionic powers), two races (outside of mutants), robots, and alot of other stuff, such as giant rouge robot construction machines that terrorize villages and geneticly engineered dragoons. Sound fun? I think it would adapt well to the system that Ferazel and I are working on.

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  • Okay, the actual stats and tables will be posted after ferazel and I get the RPG rules worked out. For now, to get you imaginations flowing, here is some data on the world of Kelifera.

    The World of Kelifera

    Having fallen from a stage of high technological achievement, the land of Kelifera and the Planet which holds it is now undergoing a second dark age.

    The population of Kelifera, once members of the totalitarian government of days past, the World Solidarity, are now under the leadership of a powerful religious organization, the Brotherhood of Rothban.

    While the Brotherhood tends to stay out of people’s personal lives, they strictly enforce one of the teachings of the ‘Great Leader’, Rothban - an absolute ban on all technology that can process information.

    This stems from the fact that, before it was overthrown by its repressed subjects in the Great Rebellion of A.R. 7, the World Solidarity used Computers to operate a big-brother type security system, maintaining control over its people. Thus, after the revolution, the people came to associate all technology with the evils of electronic surveillance. By banning technology, they felt that they could prevent a government such as the Solidarity from ever arising again.

    Unfortunately, in their zeal to cleanse the world of technology, the revolutionaries struck down the evil Solidarity Overlords along with any innocent tech-user. The blood of thousands of technicians, engineers and programmers mingled with that of the Solidarity Clone Enforcers and Internal Security Corps.

    Left without operators by the frenzied mobs of rioting plebeians, the World Solidarity’s Power Generation infrastructure broke down, leaving the world without even electricity. Power plants, Computer centers and Government buildings were set aflame by revolutionary arsonists.

    Then came the tragedy that threw Humanity to its knees -
    The computer monitors and operators destroyed or dead, the Solidarity’s battery of nuclear reactors in Kelifera went super-critical because of damage inflicted to them.
    The reactors erupted in atomic radiation, contaminating vast tracts of land and inflicting genetic damage or death on millions. Only a small coastal area of Kelifera escaped direct damage from the radiation.

    With the Solidarity gone, Anarchy reigned for twenty years.
    The people of the Keliferian coast were beset in constant terror over the attacks by Mutants from the east, the contaminated Badlands. It was the age of chaos, as later Brotherhood historians would record it.

    Then, Rothban appeared. He was a charismatic fellow, and he gained a massive fallowing.
    He ascended to the position of King and religious leaderg , and lead the people of Kelifera to restore the huge border fence that had once separated the Coast from the rest of the land in ages past.
    It was done, sealing Kelifera off from large mutant attacks. Rothban then gave the people of Kelifera his code of law, and set up the Brotherhood to enforce them.

    The laws were generally lenient, with one exception -
    There was to be no mercy for anyone who dared learn the ways of technology.

    After the death of Rothban, his followers established a ruling council to continue the enforcements of his law.
    Unfortunately, they were not satisfied with the evident absence of Technology from Kelifera. They instituted a traveling inquisition to search for tech-users. They ‘found’ dozens of ‘Hackers’ in the populations of some towns, and killed or exiled them, depending on the level of crime they thought had taken place.

    Gradually, the Hacker hunts died down over the next decade.

    Meanwhile,the City of Refuge, a hidden enclave on a coastal isle of the southern coast, was serving as the true last stand of technology. There, ‘Hackers’, tech-user refugees from the Revolution, had gathered. Having escaped the hands of the revolutionaries, they had founded a secret city in which to maintain their lifestyle.

    This city is unknown to the Brotherhood, who the Hackers dismiss as ‘Luddites’.
    They have gained an elitist attitude, and think that the people outside of Refuge are barbarians. They have no desire to contact them, and only leave refuge for matters of utmost importance, such as gathering food, or scavenging 400-hundred year old Solidarity ruins for useful equitment.

    The population of Kelifera is mostly comprised of two races - Humans and Novroak.
    The Novroak are a humanoid race with some goat-like features, but they are thoroughly integrated into the world of Kelifera, and are seen by humans as equals.

    In addition to the Brotherhood, another organization was formed at the revolution. The Infophilists.
    Although they once lived among the members of the Brotherhood in the cities and towns, the third council began religious persecution against this minority, who differed in a philosophical way from the Brotherhood in that they felt that the universe, and Kelifera, was trapped in a cycle of energy and entropy, and that the current state of the world, under the Brotherhood (Which they offensively called ‘entropy’) would be replaced once again with a unified world government, which would be run benignly. However, since the brotherhood taught that the world must always remain the same, and that any large government is evil, conflict arose.
    The Infophilists left the cites and founded monastery cities in the mountains and foothills, where they have been mostly left alone.
    However, rumor has it that they, using the lost knowledge of genetic engineering, are creating an army or powerful mutants to restore order to the world.

    There are also other mutants in Kelifera, spawned of genetic engeneering and mutation from radiation.
    When the huge fence was sealed, some Mutants were trapped inside. Most were killed, but some of the smarter types simply went into hiding to rebuild their forces from within.
    Some others, not at all hostile in nature, gradually integrated into society, where most face only minimal prejudice after nearly 400 years of integration.

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  • There are several mutant races -

    Possessed of immense psionic/mental powers. Generally unfriendly, in the wild bands of Janari ambush travelers and use psionic illusions to capture them, whereupon they rob and sometimes kill the unfortunate victims. A few Janari have been known to befriend society at large, but will face some prejudice. Janari are mutant Novroak, and look similar in appearance.

    Delnar are mutant humans - one might even say superior to them.
    Though about equivalent physically, mentally they leave the psionicly inept human in the dust.
    Though Janari psionics focus on manipulation of their enemies mind, the Delnar actually manipulate their environment. Delnar are often friendly, and face little prejudice. This may also be due to the fact that many Delnar use their abilities to heal and cure others.

    Another Psionicly gifted mutant, although less so than either Delnar or Janari. They focus primarily on using their powers to aid physical combat. However, Kala have the ability to influence people and animals quite powerfully, and thus have high charisma. Kala are often friendly.

    Rarely seen in the company of other races, the Mathoon travel in large packs. They are small and agile, with sharp teeth. Scholars unsure, but the Mathoon may be either a heavily mutated ape or a degenerated human. In the wild, they are a constant threat to travelers, but are thankfully nocturnal.

    Large ogrelike brutes - only rarely of good enough metal capacity to join a party or society, and they will face heavy prejudice. They are evidently mutant humans.

    Other races available to party members include -

    A roughly average being, I think it’s safe to say we know quite a bit about them already.

    Much like humans, although not totally inept psionicly. Novroak are a major part of the population, roughly equal to humans in terms of numbers.

    The sole exception to the law forbidding information processing made by the Brotherhood, some sentient androids are allowed to keep their lives. They have been commanded not to revel any knowledge about the old ways of technology, or make others of their own kind.
    As no new androids are allowed to be made, the race will die out from society when its current members are dead.
    Androids working for the hackers have it much better, and are a fixture of the population there.

    GeEmms (No, not the same as the other GM, the game master :) )

    Geneticly Modifed people, created by the solidarity for hard labor. After the revolution, they lacked the intelegence to join normal society in anything other than a servile role (Which Rothban forbid), and they were set free. Unforunatly, they now subsist by robbing travelers and occasionaly raiding villages, and have several of their own large encampments.

    In general, what exactly makes a game good isn't that easily
    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Careers
    These are the jobs that characters do.

    Kills bad things for a living, considered by some to be an honorable pursuit.
    Warriors serve to protect the inhabitants of cities as guards, escort travelers, and hunt criminals or dangerous mutants.

    Uses natural psionics and knowledge of primitive medicine to heal others who are hurt, sick or wounded. They enjoy an almost automatic good reputation, because they are often in short supply.

    Uses their psionic powers in combat, unlike the healer. Psionists tend to enshew physical weapons in favor of using their minds. Not all species have psionic powers, Humans lack them, some mutant types have far superior psionic abilities.

    A ‘Han Solo’ type person, and a very common future of parties of adventurers. They use quick combat and stealth to work their ways.

    A member of the Brotherhood Of Rothban, the primary religious and government body in Kelifera. Since they subscribe of Brotherhood doctrine, they would never share a party with a hacker or other user of forbidden technology. Brothers/Sisters may use psionics, if their race permits.

    A user of technology, loathed by all true followers of Rothban. A hacker would have to council his techish leanings inside a city, and his presence could jeopardize the entire party if he were discovered. What is more, most speak with a different accent than do the common people, which makes it a bad idea for them to talk to others who do not know their secret. Over time, they may adapt their speech suffentently to speak convincingly to outsiders.
    Although true hackers from refuge are to be found only on missions to gather supplies, they sometimes turn in parties of adventurers if they are exiled form Refuge or simply elect to leave it for some reason.
    Hackers make up for their miserable social characteristics by being the only reliable source of pre-revolution high-tech weapons. Remember, one guy with a laser can take an entire horde of Mathoons. Hackers may also be able to repair pre-revolution machines and computers. It is rumored that some even have power over the almost indestructible construction robots that sometimes roam the land aimlessly.

    Hacker Guard
    A hacker trained in combat skills, rather than the normal hacker pursuits, which tend toward the intellectual. However, he is still a tech user, and will be treated accordingly.
    Some are Psionists, if their race permits.

    Another denizen of Hacker circles, he is much like the healer but uses technology instead of psionics in his art. Doctors are tech users, and will be treated as such.

    More coming, on psionics and geography.

    In general, what exactly makes a game good isn't that easily
    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Psionics are the ability to create effects using mental powers. Humans lack these powers, but mutants, and too a lesser extent the Novroak, have them. Even among the same race, diffrent individuals have diffrent natural aptitude for psionics.
    Psionics are divided into three disciplines - Kinetic, Mental, and Sensory.

    Subcategories: Technical, Mass, Combat, Healing

    Subcategories: Illusions, Control, Combat, Effect

    Subcategories: Perception, Reflexes, Diagnostics

    The Janari are masters of Mental psionics, the Delnar of Kinetic. Kala and Novroak dabble in all three. Of course, a Janari healer would specialize in Kinetic-Healing, so none are set in stone, merely what is normal.

    Kinetic-Technical (K-T)
    The ability to use psionic ability to manipulate physical objects on a detailed scale, such as flipping a switch which is out of reach, or to repair an intricate machine without miniature tools. It also lends itself to some minor psionic attacks, such as Pebblestorm and Tickle. K-T is common among hackers who use psionics.

    Kinetic-Mass (K-M)
    The ability to use psionics to move large objects, in a much less sensitive way than Kinetic-Technical. An example of a Psionist using a Kinetic-Mass power would be righting a car which had tipped over, or using a psi attack like Lift on an enemy.

    Kinetic-Combat (K-C)
    Unlike a Psionist specializing in noncombat Kinetic psionics, someone who works with Kinetic-Combat uses it specially in battle. It lends itself to a variety of attacks, such as Pound, Crush and Storm. A very skilled K-C can even manipulate natural forces in powers such as Storm and Fireblast.

    Kinetic-Healing (K-H)
    Like a K-T using psionics to fix a machine, a K-H uses them to heal organic systems. K-H is considered a noble pursuit by all civilized people. K-H uses powers like Heal and Revive.

    Mental-Illusions (M-I)
    This psionic discipline centers around the creation of mental illusions, effecting only one person or a whole group. Victims of combat M-I powers find themselves up against walls of fire, or drowning in imaginary water. Though no permanent harm will come to them in most cases when they discover it is an illusion and disbelieve its existence, some lesser creatures such as Mathoon and Chrisaris, which accept anything at face value, can actually be killed in this way occasionally. The strongest defense against M-I is to simply disbelieve the existence of the illusion, which will come almost naturally if an unbelievable situation is presented. Therefore, the masters of M-I focus on realistic illusions, and keep their victims seemingly on the verge of death while their companions move in to finish off the enemy.

    Mental-Control (M-C)
    A set of psionic powers focusing on the mental control of other, weaker-minded beings. Beginning M-C specialists typically summon animals or nearby nonsenteints to do their bidding, while masters may actually be able to sway enemies to their side, particularly when confronted with Mathoons or other simple-minded beings. Janari are immune to swaying in this manner.

    Mental-Combat (M-K)
    Rather than delicately crafted illusions or the like, Mental-Combat is a simple psionic field. It is the ability to focus psi energy into the brain of an opponent with the intent to induce unconsciousness or even brain death. An expert will gradually learn to use it on larger and larger scales, possible against even an entire group on enemies.

    Mental-Effect (M-E)
    The gentler side of Mental psi, effect aims to induce mental effects like sleep, pacifism, or fear on an enemy, who can be possible subdued in this way. Higher levels gain powers like Group Terror and Sleep Wave.

    Sensory-Perception (S-P)
    Using psi powers to ascertain data unavailble to the five normal senses falls under S-P. S-P Psionists can preform valuable tasks such as warning their part of traps or ambushes, and master S-Ps may be able to even read data from off a computer disk or book without conventional means.

    Sensory-Reflexes (S-R)
    Using skills in S-P on a smaller scale, S-R is used to enhance performance in combat or other tasks. It allows the user, or whoever is under the influence of the power, excellent reflexes by using psi power to detect things, such as the next move of an enemy or an upcoming pothole in a road while whizzing along at 300kph.

    Sensory-Diagnostics (S-D)
    S-D is much like S-P, but focused on medical issues instead of mechanical ones. It is popular with healers, who use it to diagnose medical problems without technical equipment. It is a shame it is only available to mutants with mental powers, as it would be of great benefit to the population at large.

    In general, what exactly makes a game good isn't that easily
    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Geography

    The Land of Kelifera was once quite a large chunk of a midsized continent on the world, but it was shrunk to its present size when the massive coastal border fence was repaired and closed under Rothban. (To protect against mutants from the east, see above)

    The present size is about 110,000 square miles, which is about the size of New Zealand, or margainaly smaller than Germany, or about about 2/3rds the size of Newfoundland (In Canada) or California (In the USA).

    Beyond the border fence lie the Mutant Badlands. Not even a pretense of civilization exists out there, and beasts far worse than Chrisaris stalk its jungles and plains. It is also contaminated with nuclear fallout in some areas, which makes it an even less appealing spot to visit. (Naturally, I’m sure we’ll have to go there sometime :) )

    Legends tell that the Badlands are also inhabited by dragoons, another type of mutant creature. (Or a product of genetic engineering, according to some versions of the outlandish tale.)

    With the east cut off by the fence, the western border is the Ocean. The Ocean is quite contaminated from fallout and pollution. (Caused by compter-guided robotic barges that lost control after the revolution disposed of their computer centers on land.)
    It is therefore not a source of fish (The fishes that live there are contaminated), and can not be safely swam in. Only a few hardy fishes and seaplants survive in the muck that was once a wonder of the enviroment’s diversity.

    To the south, Kelifera gradually tapers down and ends and the point where the fence intersects the ocean. Years ago, the fence ended in a coastal fort, but global warming inundated the structure, and the ocean wore it away. In recent years, with the lack of greenhouse gases, the ocean has receded enough that the top of the fort is visible.

    To the north, a similar situation occurs, with the fence ending in a old Solidarity fort, now manned by a crew under the direction of the Brotherhood. This fort was not flooded as a result of global warming or other forces. Enemies of the Brotherhood are taken here, and passed through the gates of the old fort, exiled in the Badlands for ever. Some try to come back, by constructing rafts and sailing around the fence, but a large number that do so are washed out to sea to a terrible death, or are captured by Brotherhood guards on setting foot on land - typically to a fate of death for defying their exile.

    The northern area has a large dessert, and is mostly tropical. (Kelifera is in what its inhabitants consider the southern hemisphere, which is an arbitrary distinction anyway, unless you are comparing to a fixed thing in space, such as the orientation of the galaxy, or whatever.)

    To the south, the climate cools, with forests becoming more coniferous, and the weather rainier. In the far southern coast, a huge forest of redwood trees exists, and it is on an island near this area where the Hacker Refuge city is alleged to exist.

    A range of mountains runs for most of the length of Kelifera, and a large volcano exists in the south.

    I'll write about some towns next, perhaps...

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    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Some Major Cites of Kelifera:

    Named by Rothban after himself. It is the nominal capitol of the land, although technically all the towns are independent city-states. In fact, the Brotherhood headquarters here controls regional councils across Kelifera, and exerts control over the temporal land as well as the spiritual direction. Rothbanopolis is built over the ruins of what was once a great city under the Solidarity.

    A town in the large Keliferian valley, a farming community.

    A large fortified city. It was once the capitol of the Solidarity annex in the area, and although damaged in the revolution, it is still a population center.

    A northern fortified city, home to a academy for Psionists in the service of the Brotherhood.

    A village situated at the base of the volcano of the same name. It revolves around its stone quarry.

    In general, what exactly makes a game good isn't that easily
    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Ugh, too much reading. I've got too much to do already at this point in time, without reading up on all that as well. Sorry.

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    **Ugh, too much reading. I've got too much to do already at this point in time, without reading up on all that as well. Sorry.

    Only the first one is all that important. Sorry, we'll miss you cache :frown:

    In general, what exactly makes a game good isn't that easily
    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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