A few last questions(spoilers)

  • I find myself unable join the ratcatchers guild. How can I do this?

    Also, is it possible to complete the wine mission, or is it just there to mess with our heads?

    With these questions answered, I may finally be able to complete my site...


  • Well, I think you have to ask halos about the kidnapping in odemia. If it wasn't that, just try all the different problems Comana has been causing around Cythera. He should mention (somewhere) that you should ask Aethon to join you. Ask Aethon about 'join' and he'll say something to the effect of 'any friend of halos's is a friend of mine'. Once Aethon is in your party, ask the guy in charge of the ratcatcher's guild (Eoecles?) about 'join'. Aethon will vouch for you, and you can learn traps, lock, and steal from him. You can also buy lockpicks and bombs! :)

  • cool! Once I get up to date on my Cythera playing, I'll be able to do that!

  • I have not actually completed the wine mission but I think I know how.
    Ask the alchemy teacher in pnyx about wine she will tell you about charax and where he lives thats about as far as I got

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