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  • Well, I don't think its long enough to stand on its own feet as a chronicle, so I'll post it here - an out take from Beyond. Normaly I would release this one like I did with Collusion, but it's just so funny (I hope you will think so too ;) ) that I wanted to let you have it now....


    Clearly, he had something more important to do than rest. Karon, on the other hand, was not so privleged. He extracted a tome from the parcel he'd brought with him, and began to read from it.

    Just as he was getting involved in the book, he heard a loud shout form the next room.

    "Bah Fordan, that's nothing. Why I used to be able to rope two Hurdals at once back at the peat bogs!"

    A hearty luagh rose up from next door.

    "Two Hurdals? I bet they were just babies, then."

    "No they wern't, they were big breeders. Two bars high at the pod!"

    Karon relized that he was next room to a threesome of dwarves. Loud ones. Joy.
    How could this get any worse? He thought. He soon had his answer.

    "Thargan, did you bring the good wine?"

    "But of course! I'll pour it!"

    "Never be unrepared, that's my motto. I brought Homel's best, Vintage First year of Tarja!"

    A minor cheer of pleaseure went up from the noisy assembly next door.

    Great, they were loud enough as it is, they certainly didn't need to involve any achohol in the afair.
    Acting with what he thought was foresight, he got up and tapped on the wall.
    "Hey, could you keep it down over there? I need to do some reading!"

    "Reading? At a time like this? Nah, come on over and join the celebration!"
    Came the husky reply from the wall.

    "What are you Celebrating?"

    The dwarf fell silent, a true rarity. He heard a few whispers exchanged, then came a reply.

    "Were celebrating the rise of Hasmul the great!"

    They'd cuaght him off guard. Evedently they did have an excuse for a noisy party - or could think one up quickly enough.

    "Well, do it quietly."

    Another laugh came, fallowed by the sounds of liquid pouring.

    "Quiet as aunt Gimbar snores!" Said the voice of on the dwarves.

    Karon had a feeling that wasn't a very quiet sound.
    He gave up on the idea of reading and decided to case the outpost. After all, it was just becoming midafternoon, no sense putting up with the dwarf party next door.

    As he left through the small door, he noted the apprach of his other two room mates.
    "I wouldn't go in there, the dwarves are having a party next door, and making lots of noise." He cuationed.

    "The dwarves are having a party? Great!" Exclaimed Belcor Jomas, on the the soldiers.

    "I think they'll let us in, right?" Asked Hillar Vax.

    "Nothing like a dwarven party to get your mind off impending doom, eh?" He continued as the two of them made a turn for the dwarves quarters.

    Karon gave a sigh.
    Some people had the oddist taste.

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