Appreciate the appreciation :)

  • Sorry for posting a whole new topic just to say this, but thank you for voting for my chronicle!
    Just thought it would be rude to keep my mouth (or keyboard or whatever) totally shut when everyone voted for me :) again, I really appreciate it.

    Part five will be submitted soon, and I also want to continue working on the "My view of the Undine Stronghold" story (the Undine Stronghold remains one of my favorite TS's and I recommend everyone who hasn't read it to do that... if it's still in the archives that is)
    But the Shadow Warriors will come first of all, and I also have som other ideas stored way back in my head...

    Some people say war doesn't solve anything... perhaps they're using the wrong strategy...

  • /me waits for the Undine Stronghold story :)

    Legends fade and die.

    Thinking for yourself is a wonderful thing.

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