• I went under some ruins and there is a deamon down there. I'm level 5. I attack it it even says I hit it hard but it says I have no effect. How do I kill it? Can I kill it? It doesn't seem to care about me it only cares about my party members. It will only attack my party. I hit it like 100 times but no effect. I seem to not be able to find an area that suits my character. The enemies are ether too hard or too easy. I'm a level 5 Rouge if that helps.


  • Either level some more or use <garbled>

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    Originally posted by idiotSavant:
    **Either level some more or use <garbled>


    blesses mods ;)

    With a non-fireball character, I usually kill rogues until atleast lvl 7 or 8. Go into Cademia (or whatever the main city is, I haven't played for a while) at night and go to the area around the easternmost trap door. Kill ruffians. When they're all dead, go down the trapdoor, come back up. Repeat a hundred times ;) Yes it's boring, but it's safe and easy to repeat.

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  • The Death Strike spell has some effect on deamons.

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