The Get-a-Life Scale

  • Well, I'm bored enough to actually find out who's been spending too much time around the webboards. If you are higher up on the list, well... ;)

    8.798 SoySauce
    5.239 theGlueBubble
    4.434 Avatara
    3.755 theDarkDragon
    2.374 iKaterei
    2.018 Talos
    1.672 Bryce
    1.611 cache22
    1.477 theKestrel
    1.338 ferazel_09
    1.178 Mr. Somebody
    1.017 idiotSavant
    0.987 Lord Gwydion
    0.860 Slayer
    0.613 Tycho
    0.551 Moonshadow
    0.477 Theo Nean Donly
    0.375 Overmind

    More coming...

    Keep in mind all these calculations were done by hand, so figures may vary slightly. (I might have mis-calculated the days since people registered)

    If you are scoring below 1, well...there is too much of a good thing, unfortunately, none of you are even close to that limit. :frown:

    If you're between 1 and 5, that's rather decent, and usually a good place to be. Not too much time, nor too little. :cool:

    However, those of you above 5, well...consider getting help, fast. :p

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  • If you name isn't listed above and you want me to find out yours (or figure it out yourself - correct to 3 decimal's precision) feel free to ask, I'm taking requests.

    "I hate that! Your answers are always short, precise, and utterly useless!"

  • Yaaay! :D

    SoySauce celebrates by posting more

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  • To be fair, I haven't touched my computer in the last week. I could have easy brought my average up nearly a post. :p

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  • Do I need a life? ;)

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  • Nope, you're perfect. :) perfect as someone resorting to online routes of expression can be...

    "I hate that! Your answers are always short, precise, and utterly useless!"

  • Uh-oh. :)

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  • what are my posts per day? I don't knwo about here but on teh forums its .007 :) I guess i'm a lurker......

    PS right now I don't haev a mouse and I'm doing this all by keyboard.

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  • Ooh. Looks like I'm perfect in terms of posting enough but not posting too much... Although I think 5 posts a day is a little high to set the limit, almost as if it was set there to, well, include someone... ;¬)

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  • Quick, silence him!

  • Afraid of a secret getting out?

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  • I'd love to find out how abnormally low my average posting rate is!
    I'm guessing below 0.05. I've been here for a year and a half (actually longer, but as a different person) and i've posted only about 50 times!

    Can anyone check for me if that's some kind of record?


  • Not quite... 0.089, but that's relatively close.

    And its nothing compared to the guys that registered in 2000 and have posted under 10 times. ;)

    "I hate that! Your answers are always short, precise, and utterly useless!"

  • Quote

    Originally posted by iKaterei:
    **Afraid of a secret getting out?


    Mmmm...the power. Posted Image

    "I hate that! Your answers are always short, precise, and utterly useless!"

  • how bout me?
    I can figure it out myself, but im too lazy
    mines in the 2 range id figure...
    for the first year, it was in the 10+ range.

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  • How did you figure these, Avatara? Total posts divided by days registered?

    EDIT: Swapped Total posts and days registered.

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  • What scares me is the amount of people of have registered in the past month or two and have four of five hundred posts already. I hadn't posted in over a year, it's only recently that I broke the double digits. Although I did stop in and read a lot of posts though.

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  • Heh...phoenixrising had 1200 posts after a month and a half. Crazy. Up until the beginning of June, I only had about 250 posts. Then I got into other boards (namely Just Chat and BnB). So, that's where I am now.

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  • What's my PPD?

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  • Anywhere between 15.5 and 1.82 depending upon when in August that you registered.

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