Maze in Northern Cademia

  • I talked to the drunk in the southernmost city, and he mentions something about his father working on the construction of the castle in Cademia... etc. Short story, get a shovel and dig above the sundial at the castle.

    After digging, the tunnel leads to an area with a gate and a lever on the opposite side. Remote manipulation worked fine on that. Then there's a few spike traps and stones that fall on me. Then there's a massive cave-in and I'm trapped in an apparent dead end. Back to LK hall, then back to the caved in area. There's something of a maze on the east side. I manage to pull levers so that I'm lead through the maze, opening up "no obvious way" secret passages - and then there's a secret passage that stumps me.

    I have a saved game before I caused the cave-in. I haven't seen any questions about this area posted on the board, so I'm probably missing something really simple. Otherwise, I'm at the point in the game where there isn't much to do before registering. Anybody have advice? Is there anything worth while down here?


  • One of the levers you already flipped opens the last door. Watch your map to see what's going on.

  • As far as I know, the cave-in is just the game's way of being really annoying. :>
    Definitely use your map in the maze with the levers; otherwise, you will certainly go insane.
    If I remember correctly, the purpose of the levers is not to get all the way through the maze; there's no "exit" at the other end. Instead, try going back to check on the flooded area near the entrance...
    Then, after that, there's a couple more puzzles to "have fun with". But there's good stuff at the end, so it's worth it.


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