ATTN: Mr Somebody

  • Your last TS left both my characters and several others characters stranded mid-story due to you not putting any more ideas in for them to follow. I wanted to wait and see what you and the others would put in as I was running around, but I saw nothing and therefore didnt continue my line. If you either could post or close your topic, so that I can do a chronicle on it, I would be much obliged. Not meaning to steal your idea, but ive gotten into it and you havent put anything new in. Just let me know here if I have a green light on that, I dont want to start an idea that has to be rejected.


    We were the first political party to advocate renaming the Washington Monument the Big Stone U.S. Penis and putting big, orange foam testicles at the bottom.

  • Oh, I think it's dead. :frown: Well, proceed with your chron, DF, it should prove interesting!

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