Chron of the Month?

  • Um, there are two days left in September, and this is confusing me.
    a. Is there a chron of the month or are we waiting until after October 1?
    b. Does "The Hand of Fate" count? Resoning behind this: It was instructed as a chron for the 100 chron celebration

    Please help me understand this! ;)

    -Mr. Somebody

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  • Kat and I have no objection to not counting "The Hand of Fate" towards the Chronicle of the Month. We feel that being selected for the 100th chronicle is honour enough. So, if nobody else has any objections...?

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  • I sure don't...

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  • There is still one more Monday left in this month! As for disqualifying "Hand of Fate", I'll need some time to think about it. I can see how it might be unfair to leave it in the running.

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  • What would be the point of trying to compete? Its almost guaranteed that the Hand of Fate would win this month, even before the last chronicle is released. Its that good, and unfortunately by shining that bright its eclipsing the other chrons.

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  • Not taking any side here, but just saying that my 2,000 word prelude isn't going to have a chance of competing against this novella. :)

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  • If you are so sure that "Hand of Fate" is going to win, I'd suggest the election just be for a second place, so that a reasonable number of votes can still decide.

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