randomScribe (OS X)

  • An offshoot of my mapScribe cartography program, randomScribe is a set of tools for generating random "stuff" and rolling dice. It's composed of several parts:

    diceScribe - a little stand alone floating utility window that rolls various dice for you (for now, you can edit the dice rolled using InterfaceBuilder and changing the names of the buttons - this will be improved)

    randomScribe.service - a system service that allows you to insert things like random names, etc... into any application that supports the service menu. The perfect thing for generating Seldane text (marked as "Magic Text").

    tableScribe, travestyScribe - utilties to create two different kinds of random text generation (one based on tables, the other based on letter pattern probabilities). Just put your new files in "Application Support/fantasyScribe" and you should be good to go... (or you can test them in their respective apps)

    And some scattered documentation to go with it...

    If somebody could let me know how the install works (since I've got parts of this stuff scattered all over my disk, I'm not sure how it works from a clean install), that would be great.

    (and yes, it should work with a 10.1 system)

    (it would help to let you know where to find it, eh?)

    It can be found at (url="http://"http://homepage.mac.com/gandreas/FileSharing.html")http://homepage.mac....ileSharing.html(/url) - randomScribePR1.dmg (no password required for the disk image)

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  • Looks pretty cool... the installation went off without a hitch. An interesting approach to game design...

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