A safe place to store stuff

  • Does anyone know of any safe places to store stuff besides the desk and dresser in your room at Land King Hall? They don't hold much and are already full. I have all this stuff (including a lot of oboloi) that I don't want to carry around, nor do I want to ditch it because I'm afraid I'll need it later. As for the oboloi, since there doesn't even seem to be a lot of things to spend it on, I thought I would try giving it away to beggars (such as the one at the Roasted Haunch in Kosha for being such a gem) and can't get anyone to take it. I even tried to deposit it with Autonous at the mint in Cademia and he doesn't seem to want anything to do with it either. It really seems a shame to let it go to waste. I thought I might save up for that house that the merchant in Cademia (can't remember his name off hand) is selling, for whatever that's worth. Oh, I even tried to put some of it back where I found it and that doesn't work either! How come a coffer that once held 1000+ oboloi now won't hold more than 500 or so ???? What should I do with this stuff? Any ideas?

  • There is a technique for over-stuffing containers(including yourself). To do this, put a container, preferably one with a large capacity, inside what you want to over-stuff. I recommend a chest, but most anything will do. Put stuff you want to take into the sub-container. When the sub-container gets full, drag its contents into the container that holds the sub-container. Because of an error in handling containers, you can fill anything with as much as you want.

    Any desk, dresser, or other fixed container can be used to hold stuff you don't feel like carrying around.

    I recommend spending your money on obsidian, so you can upgrade your weapons.

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