• I have read about the true power of Fetch in Slayer's guide, but how do i get the spell? I didn't happen to find an answer in the guide, so i was hoping somone here could help me out.

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  • Collect enough books from the Sapphire series and give them to the librarian. It takes too much MP to be useful against force fields.
    (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/mSapp.htm")where to get the books(/url)
    (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/spells/spells.htm")see the casting level for location of spell(/url)

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  • Doesn't anyone remeber my method of duping the books using no spells? sigh
    here it goes
    1. first put the book in a chest/sack in your inv
    2. open it so that it will be displayedon the screen with out the talk box covering it up
    3. talk to the librarian with the chest/sack open so you see the book on your screen
    4. tell him "password", he will "take" the book but if you left the chest open it should still be displayed there.
    5. drag the book from the chest to the floor,it should coming flying in from off screen
    6. pick it up
    7. repeat as many times as needed.

    *note: at no time should you close the chest window

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