• When I was at the swamps I found these ruins and when I tried to go in a gaurd came up and told me to leave. I coudn't attack him because I coudn't move it just automatically kicked me out. So I am wondering how you get in?

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    You know what I was kc3 than I was pooper and pooper started having unsolved problems so now I have this user.

  • To Get in you must

    A)Cure Plauge in catamarca

    B)Show crystal to Lyndus

    C)Have Timon In your Party


    PS check old posts to try to answer your questions first
    PPS I may seem new to the webboards but I have observed them for some time.
    PPPS "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is not overkill

    Editor's note: Yes it is

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  • You can get there without even registering Cythera. Just use (url="http://"")Remote Manipulation(/url) on the hole to the cave with the Seldane city, and then take the southern teleporter in the teleportation shrine.

    Yet another meaningless post

  • SuperNova: U-R-A-Genius
    But that is Cheating Though :frown: .

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