How do you get all of the "Mystic" items?

  • I havn't even gotten one mystic item, yet some of you are saying that you have them all. I also know that there is a bug that only lets you look at the strange device once in 1.02, and I discovered that the bad way. I know where two of them are, but the third one I have no clue. One of them is in the harpy cave, and the other one is in the cave that is near but does not touch or exit at LKH. I also don't want to upgrade to 1.03 until I learn how to steal.
    Another thing is that I learned how to fish, but i cannot find "deep water" which is what you need to fish in. I have tried as far out into the ocean, but to no avail.
    Please answer these questions WITH SPOILERS!!!

  • If you're talking about the Sword of Heroes, that's in the scylla temple in NW Cythera. There's a level hidden under a chest that opens the secret door. The lever's across the room from an obvious lever.

    As for fishing, I'm not aware of anyone who has found deep water.

  • Mystic Helmet is in a cave that you get to by going north from Cademia along the river. Near the source you can go west and around into the cave. Mystic Spear is in the cove south of Kosha. Follow the north wall and go down the hole. Mystic Armor is in the Harpy cave. Go west about 7 paces(maybe more) and go south, and around into the hole. North from there and you've found it.

  • where exactly is the helmet? the mystic one that is.

  • It's at location 'X' on my main Cythera map.


  • Where is the "strange device" found? It's quite frustrating to visit these mystic items spots and be frustrated by a simple pattern on a pedestal.

    I finally registered after realizing there was no way of getting past those barriers in "Free Maayati". The sabinate quests can be completed pre-registration through the use of the remote manipulation spell to get inside the force walls under LKH.

  • The strange device is in Pnyx. To get it you Remove Mage Lock on the locked door on the first floor. Walk through the wall on the right and mess around until you find a lever. The lever opens the portcullis to the crypts. Watch out, there is a demon and a few golems down there as well as the strange device and a wishing fountain.

  • I've already been in that wall, but I found no level. I found the loose stones though, and I know those open up more of the illusionary walls, but no lever. How do you get Meleager to teach you awareness. I had it happen to me in one of my other characters, but not in my current one.

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  • Another way to get past the door without finding the lever (to get to the crypts under pnyx) is use remote manipulation on the stairway.
    melegar will teach you awareness if you talk to him every once in a while, eventually he will say something about how he's worried about you and then will ask if you want to learn awareness. (it always happens to me when i don't have any training points :p)

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