Technical question

  • Am I allowed to post technical questions here?

    It's just that whenever I click on my character's ability tab the computer crashes. This is, as you would imagine, fairly annoying. I will not tell you any more until someone answers my first question, not that anybody cares what system I am running and all of that stuff.


  • I guess it's OK to post technical questions here...

    "Stuck in Cythera? Talk with other players of the game here!" :)

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  • What exactly alchemy are you planning on doing with Thallium? Rather nasty stuff, that.
    A certain disturbed kid in Britian murdered people with thallium-poisoned tea in the 50's or 60's, I think.
    You can nonetheless (url="http://";=735135707")buy it on ebay(/url), though.

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    quantified - perhaps the absense of things that make it bad? - Words of Wisdom from Glenn Andreas

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  • Dear Thallium Alchemist,

    Try Increasing the memory allotment to Cythera And don't run any other aplications while playing.

    If all else fails, run over your computer with a steam roller :D .

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    big as mine"-Dark Helmet

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  • I wrote a lovely big fat reply stating why my name is thallium alchemist, rambling about the toxicity of heavy water and exploring the concept of matricide.

    I kept putting in the wrong username and eventually the computer forgot what I had written. I got cross and stormed off to break something (unused jam jars are good).

    My computer doesn't have much RAM because it's 15 years old but thanks for the advice. Where do you think I could hire a steamroller?


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