Fur Cloak and Windowed Door

  • I have visited Slayer's page, and looking in the armor section, there's this fur cloak I never heard of. Where is it after all?
    About the windowed door in the second level of the stronghold (the one with lots of undeads), I tried to unlock it with keys, the open spell, the remove mage lock spell and bombs. Nothing worked. No message, nothing special, it just won't open.

  • Try just attacking the door. It usually works best for me if I'm holding a mace. Hit it a few times and the door should bust open.

  • i couldnt get into any of those doors either, and when i tried bashing, it didnt say anything(usually it says somehting like doesnt budge, or door withstands blow)

    also, one of the doors(on the entrance floor)turns into a wall when i open it, and i cant get into the room in there.

    about the fur cloak, is that the cloak of heracles that is mentioned as belonging to the golem-slaying guy(cant remember his name)

  • The Fur Cloak is in Cademia. Get the lyre in the lever maze with the golem underground. Go into the sewers and play PMG on the lyre. Now go into the SE part of the sewer and go through the door in the wall and up the ladder. Kill the golem and examine the skeleton. There's your fur cloak!

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