who should I believe?

  • Ok. I'm hearing all this stuff about Aleric loosing his power and that Cythera Is falling, and that I'm supposed to save the world, and junk :eek:. On the other hand, this omen, Is telling me that aleric is all bad, and that Cythera is falling, and that im supposed to destroy him:confused. Whou should I believe?


  • Play the game more.

    "...All persons are free to think of any concept and hold to any idea or position." - The Second of the Five Fundimental Truths of 2081.

    Where do you want to (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/tricks/rJade.htm")teleport(/url) today?

  • Ah yes, the quintessential dilemma - 'what is the truth?' To tell you that would spoil the game, so the best advice is: 'save often!' Somewhere along the line you may make the wrong choice, and believe me, when that happens, you'll know. Reload, and try something different at that point. Simple, no?

    Nothing good ever comes from secrets and lies

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