Halos and Demodocus

  • I tried the method for talking to Halos that Slayer portrays in his guide without succes. No matter what I do ro when I sleep to I can't seem to find Halos in the Two-Taled Rat, and yes I'm leaving and reentering Cademia to work around the mentioned bug.

    Also, I have only me Demodocus twice, when I begun my game and when i found him under the bridge to Cademia. In Pnyx they say he performed recently, but they don't tell me where he went. Apperently I should have met Demodocus more than this... (I've checked every town for him seemingly...)

    - TK-421

  • Halos should be in the Two-Tailed Rat around lunchtime, which in his case seems to be sometime around noon or 1:00. If he isn't in the Two-Tailed Rat and he isn't in his house either, check the jail. If he's in there, he'll tell you why.

  • Okay, I'll keep an eye out for Halos, but what about Demodocus? It seems I should have met him more than twice before I start complaining about where he went. (I remembe so clearly, "Where is Demodocus?!!")

    - TK-421

  • Actually, if you've met him twice you're doing better than I am. I talked to him that first time in LKH, and I haven't seen him since. Guess we'll all just have to keep looking...

  • He's ALWAYS on the bridge for me...

    I think to find him if he isn't, umm...forget the order but it is posted on the board here somewhere..

  • Yeah i couldn't find him for a while then i found out you got to
    Odemia and ask the Inn keeper about demodocus (just say "demo")
    Go to the town below it, can't remeber its name ask the Inn
    keeper about him then go to Cademia and go to his friend the
    musician/mage dude and he's in his place to the far right sitting
    at a table

  • I can't get to Demodocus at all, now. In Odemia, they say they haven't seen him in a while. In the town below it, they say the same. Same in Cademia. In the southernmost city, they keep saying he's played recently, but nobody knows if he's still there. And his friend only says that Demodocus is his best friend and plays the lyre. That's it. I've cycled through this a couple of times tonight. Sleeping and everything. Nothing is working. Bridge? Can I find him under a bridge? How do I do that?

  • What they mean when they say they're not sure if he's still in Kosha is that he's leaving Pnyx for Odemia right before you get there.

  • Just go to every inn in the whole game. Ask the respective innkeepers about Demodocus. They'll all talk about how he's not there right now (and, strangely, ask in the Two-Tailed Rat, and Apis will tell you that he doesn't play there, even though I saw him there once...). Then go back to Bryaxis's place and he'll be there.

  • Demodocus doesn't play there, he eats, and stays there just for the lunch time!

  • I've been asking every inn in the game about Demodocus for quite a while now. I guess There's nothing for it but to try again...

    - TK-421

  • Ok, y'all. I've trailed Demodocus to Cademia and everyone says he was just playing "in one of the public houses around here" and he is NOT in Bryaxis' place or the eateries. Where is he?!

  • Besides the Two-Tailed Rat and Bryaxis' place, I've seen Demodocus in the commons(the grassy area in the middle of town) and the dining room in the castle.

  • Ok, so his position is randomized. I just went trooping off on a quest to free Maayti so I hope Demodocus doesn't go away if I don't find him.

    What the heck is with Halos? I just did the enter and leave ritual with Cademia a heck of a lot of times and he just wont go and eat. I did this at 1 PM so my timing shouldn't be suspect.

    - The Igadzra

    Landing request denied.

  • I've met Halos at the Two-tailed Rat on two or three occasions always at about 11:00 AM. Although meeting him seems to have done nothing in helping me find Democodus. I'm driving myself crazy trying to find him too!

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