Death Upon Cythera

  • OOC. Hey this is my first attempt at a ts, my friend shillawn is going to help me with this ts so its about an evil necro who raises up the dead and starts invading cythera, and I think this would be good for the we-boards to do a ts again. Enjoy! BIC

    Reademas swept into the dead city of Gareth and headed for the center.

    Gareth was once a beautiful city with happy people, and the magic that spiraled the circle of pillars in the center, providing them with magic beyond belief. But little did they know that the world around them was jealous of their luxuries; they gathered up their armies and invaded the city bringing the end of Gareth and their people. All except one died, for he fled the city and waited until the world forgot about Gareth, so he could have his revenge...

    Reademas reached the center and began climbing the steps. The pillars were intact, as they had been left. He moved to the center and held up his hand. The sky swirled into a dark spiral. As the pillars crackled with new life, five green beams shot upwards and joined into one great beam before being shot up into the center of the spiral of clouds.

    Pippin rushes into the tavern torn and scratched, ranting and raving. "They're coming! They killed them all, they're all dead!" The people look at her strangely, before she falls into a heap on the ground

    The undead lich had called for millions of undead to move East towards the great city of Cademia....

    enjoy! :)

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