• Bah. It wasn't me.
    Why are all the words messed up? I think some foul doings have been done to the UBB database(s?)
    Please excuse the gibberish fallowing the title, i'm trying to see if it gets transformed into anything.

    "This programming language has the power of BASIC, the readability of Perl, the simplicity and ease of use of Assembly language, and all the efficiency of ADA! Why, it's as reliable as Microsoft Windows!" - Glowing software review from another dimension.

    Where do you want to (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/tricks/rJade.htm")teleport(/url) today?

  • As, indeed, it does. Interesting.
    It's in fact the only April Fool's joke I've seen today. This is the most boring 1st of April ever. sniff

    Jeder Irrtum hat drei Stufen: Auf der Ersten wird er ins Leben gerufen, auf der Zweiten will man ihn nicht eingestehen, auf der Dritten macht nichts ihn ungeschehen.

  • I know, nothing at all happened over here.

    "There is a time and a place for everything."

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