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  • Okay, how does a team story work? Is it a continuation of what happens in the bar, or something totally separate? When does a story shift from the Tavern to a Team Story?

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  • Good question-

    A team story can start in several different places. One is just on the boards itself, with no prelude, and the other is generally from the tavern or even from a Chronicle (I don't know if this has ever happened, but I suppose it could.) I think a TS shifts from the Tavern when the plot has got beyond that of the normal happenings of Cythera. For instance: although Dusks journey to the Land King Hall had all the makings of a TS (a goal, members, some action etc) it would have made a very short, boring TS as nothing out of the ordinary Cythera world occured. When it boils down to it though; moving a story line from the Tavern into a thread of it's own is up to the creator of the story line really.
    A team story generally follows this sort of format:

    -TS is started by one person in a fresh topic, stating in their first post either a referal to a TS derived from the Tavern, or the general goal and plot of the TS. A TS is almost always left open ended; what's the fun writing if you already know the conclusion?

    -There is a "recruiting" peroid where members are given a chance to join up and introduce any new characters they may want to use.

    -The story itself is now embarked upon, with members posting in no spiefic order to add to the plot.

    -Conclusion. An ending which, sadly, my TS didn't reach :p. Nevermind though.

    I hope that helped a bit :).
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