How do i get mage unlock skills?

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    Thanks for all the good advice on this board - Im moving right along but i am still having trouble doing so much! like how do you get the skill to unlock the mage doors like the one needed to go down in the pynx to find the gadget? Also how do I clear the sewers so that i can find that boy? Also i have several secret doors but i cant seem to open them :frown: I have registered the game and i seem to just be wondering around and i cant seem to earn more skill points to get more training!
    is there anyway to tell how much points you have and what the level of points you need to move up each level? (not sure if that makes sense to you or not). Slayer thanks for a very helpful site. There are still things that i dont get yet even with your sites helpful hints. Things that arent on your site yet. :)
    How do you get the prison to show up i got the path accross but there isnt anything there. I also tried to find all the mystic armour etc and i followed the instuctions that someone else wrote about in a previous message but i still cant find them. I think i had the staff but now i dont so i think that i have lost that for good right?
    anyway i will leave it at that for the moment if any of you would be so kind as to help with advice and suggestions that would be appreciated a lot!
    Thanks and have a great Christmas all!

    Dont let the turkeys get you down!

  • To get mage unlock, use your grimoire on the scroll in Itanos' desk in Kosha. Bombs also work on mage locked doors(remember Omen's test?).
    The sewers can't be cleared(to my knowledge), though the important pipes are already clear. Try looking for secret door in the sewer and in Cademia.

    Secret doors can be opened by levers or by playing music. I think there are only two musical doors in the whole game, though.

    Experience and training are explained on my skills page, but I'll put the gist of it here. You get six training point for each level up. The number of experience points required for a level up doubles each level.

    If you mean the prison in Cademia, it's always there. It's the place with lots of windowed doors.

    To get the mystical items, you need the strange device from below Pnyx.

    Since I don't know exactly what happened to your staff, I can't say for certain, but it's a pretty good bet the staff is gone forever.

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