• hello people i maked this topic to make stories about cythera so i ask to all the people who are reading join making stories.


  • First off, there is currently one Team Story that's active, "The Alraeican Tavern - part VI". I suggest you read it over, make a character and join in. Secondly, you could write a chronicle and submit it to Cythera Cronicles.
    Sidenote, while I encourage people to submit more cronicles or make new team stories, creating a topic like this one isn't necessarily going to get people writing. Also, I realize it's difficult to constantly check over your post for spelling or grammar mistakes, but you might want to read over your post once or twice before actually submitting it, to make sure you can be understood.

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  • Since this was already addressed (url="http://"")here(/url) I'm closing this topic.

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