Who/What is Omen?

  • The subject kinda says it all. I would play farther and see, but- What. Long story . New paragraph.
    See, my friend has Cythera, showed it to me, "oh, isn't this cool!" I agreed it was, but I have a PC. We have Macs at school, and one of them has Cythera, but I can only play once a week at best. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!
    Anyway, I was wondering who/what Omen is. I didn't see anything on Slayer's Guide about it, but I might have missed it.

  • It's one of those things that you find out near the end, but since you insist:

    Omen works for the undine(the sea elementals). He is one of the ones who is trying to overthrow Alaric.

  • Haha, little Valkyrie Mybajybarani!

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