The Alraeican Tavern - part VI

  • A gust of wind blew through the tavern. All the lights, but one small candle were extinguished. An eerie glow surrounded the tavern doors as the suddenly were burst open, revealing a cloaked figure. The figure slowly walked forward, the doors mysteriously closing at the command of his will. A shiver creeped up everyone's spine as the stranger drew closer to the bar.
    "Do not be frightened, for I intend to harm no one, I am here only but for a drink and to talk," spoke the stranger. As though the people within the chamber did not fully trust the newcomer's words they still listened, but with great caution. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nathaniel Stephant. Brother to Alpha-Alaric, and an archmage as well," spoke Nathaniel. Still somewhat frightened no one moved. "I hope my entrance did not frighten or disturb you, it seems my powers are quite too tremendous, and I fear I do lose control of them sometimes. Now that I am done introducing myself, I hope I have not left you all terrified." Stephant walked up to the terrified bartender. "If you dont mind I'll have an ale. This should more than be sufficient for the price, keep the tip," suggested Stephant as he drew a large handful of oboli from his pouch. After withdrawing the oboli, he silently drew the drawstrings of the pouch back closing it so none of the oboli could escape from its chamber.

    ~"Never look back at your
    past, but at the future that
    awaits you."~
    Captain Nathaniel Stephant

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