No New Chronicles 6/23

  • Once more, we have no chronicles. Somehow I'm not too terribly surprised by this. I just hope we can get at least one chronicle this month.

    Sorry about the lateness of this post. My internet access at my apartment was acting up last night.

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  • I think its about time to submit " that one " so we at least have one chronicle for this month. ;)

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  • That is, of course, all one can get when one ignores consistency :p

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  • A lot of chronicles are unrelated to Cythera (they even said so somewhere in the story), so those probably wouldn't have that much of an affect on the world of Cythera. Also, someone would have to sit down and read through all of the stories, then work out an approximate guess as to which story it follows and what comes afterwards, a timeline of sorts. Then, they might have to figure out how to solve all of the inconsistancies between stories, and if necessary, decide which stories should be classified as "not relevant" to the main timeline (hey, we do have alternate timelines, big explanation, short post - ask another time).

    Sounds like a lot of work for one person, maybe if a group of people sat down on AIM/IRC and divided up the work. (Person A takes the stories in the first six months, etc.) Lots of coordination would be necessary.

    The Team Stories would be a lot easier to figure out what goes where, and add in to that 'timeline.' After all, there are some 'blends' between TSes and chronicles.

    The tavern opening for the first time could be used as a reference point for all of the stories (most of which take place some time afterwards), but as for an actual corresponding game year - I have no idea. A temporary scale could be set up using '0' as the time the tavern was opened, thus '40' on the timeline would mean "40 years after the Tavern opened" but doesn't define an actual year.

    "What we do not know, we cannot begin to understand."

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