Warping in Cythera

  • Warping to any place in Cythera is simple. If you want to go to a place, let's say, Cademia. Save your game, then load a save file which is saved near/in Cademia, go outside of Cademia. Just beside the city on the map. Then walk onto it, you know, then you will enter Cademia, right? Well, EXACTLY when you walk on it, before you have actually ENTERED it. Load the save file, where you wanted to enter Cademia. Wait a second, and hey! You will warp to Cademia. This can be made with ANYTHING, caves, sewers, trapdoors, anything that will warp you to a different area. Try it! (I know this text may be confusing.... But well.... It is).


  • That is interesting.

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  • The game must control the entrance of locations entirely separately from game files, which is pretty odd.

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  • I would assume that the game has an action queue, and when it loads a game, it assumes that the queue is empty. In this case, you put an action into the queue, and then interrupt the game before it can dequeue it and cause the action to occur. When you load the new game, it enqueues whatever actions the new game has, but doesn't first empty the queue. So, the first action to occur will actually come from the old game.

    If that made any sense.

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