tyrants tomb

  • how do you get into the tyrants tomb? some drunk said 2 paces past noon. that just confuses me though :confused: ,and he gave me a key because i gave him 60 oboloi, what does that key do? my email is fizbiker666@yahoo.com or noonoo790@hotmail.com or AIM me at my sn fizbiker666

  • He is meant to be confusing ;).

    To get into the tomb you need to go to the Tyrants castle in Cademia. Out the back of this castle, in the castle garden there should be a sundial. go to two paces north of the sundial (up) and the use a shovel which you can "aquire" from the mine, or the rat catchers guild if you're friendly with them. If you dig on this spot, you shjould uncover a hole, which will lead to the Tyrants Tomb.

    An alternative (if you don't wish to listen to my poor attempts to be useful) is (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/cythera.htm")Slayers guide to Cythera,(/url) a very helpful resource indeed, although not quite as fullfilling as doing the game yourself.

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