I can't teach you anymore....

  • WHAT?!

    How do I learn more "advanced" Chemistry/healing? (S)he tells me that I'm not skilled enough.... Phew!


  • You can only learn level 1 Alchemy ad healing, but to gain all of the spells you need to both unlock the 4-8th Grade Hall doors and have sufficient Manna/Casting to learn them...

  • But how do I get the alchemy guy in the woods to speak to me? He says: You won't understand what I'm doing anyway.... What should I do? Please don't spoil too much of the game though.


  • You need to talk to the northshore wine maker in detail first. I can't remember his name. Just talk to him about wine, and keep talking, then try.

    Oh, wait. You need to talk to him about wine first.

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  • Wine? I have talked to him a lot .... But nothing good has happened? I can't be too early in the game, I have done almost everything and I have the whole Crolna.


  • 1.Talk to north shore wie guy about-wine,must,magic.breeze,alchemy
    2.Talk to Sabinate ONCE as soon as you have completed the crolna
    3.Talk to Alchemy teacher about wine and charax
    4.Talk to charax and the rest should play out...

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  • Once? Why once? I talked to him three times.... Now I have three mushrooms.... IS that a bad thing? DON'T tell me what they do. Just tell me if it's impossible to finish things then.

    I know that you can't throw them away..


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