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    First off, thanks to everyone who has helped me so far. Now, I'm back and with a question or two about Mage Unlock. I found the scroll for it but it disappears after one use. Is there a way to have a permanent spell if the only member in my party capable of using magic is Timon? In other words, can Timon learn new spells? I'd hate for the only viable means of winning Cythera be to start out as a mage in order to learn all of the really cool spells that are available. Can't Timon learn new spells?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Erica J. Marceau

  • First of all, any of the character types can learn magic. It's just that if you are a mage, you can learn the basics without it costing you training points. Otherwise, it costs one training point per training session (as with all the other skills in the game). You can get trained in mana and casting by the headmaster at the Magisterium in Pynx (sp?). The higher your levels of these, the more magic power you have and the more spells you can learn.

    Once you've learned magic, you will get a book called a grimoire (sp?). Use the grimoire on a scroll to learn the spell. You can also learn spells from the tomes in the libraries at the Magisterium.

    I don't know of any way to have an NPC learn a new spell. Maybe someone else could help you with that. But since you can learn all the spells yourself it's not really necessary I think.

  • When you first get trained in magic Lindus will give you a grimoire.(a book) Use it on the scroll and presto! you now know Remove Mage Lock.(if you have enough casting points)

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