Something that hasn't been done in a while...

  • Well, its been quite some time since the Cythera community has tried out a "Team Story," so I was wondering if anybody was interested in joining a new one. There are a couple ideas floating around, and if there's enough of a crowd, we can give the stories another shot.

    So, is anybody really interested?

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  • I might be up to it, depending on the theme.

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  • Seems like it would be a good idea to me.

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  • I just did. It's from an idea that I've been playing around with for some time. If I was willing to devote more brain power to it, I could have written a novel. But this way, it's more fun and I get surprized when it turns out completely differently from what I expect. Oh, by the way, I'm back. I've been very busy this summer.

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  • Sounds like an excellent idea !

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  • Although I have been pushed for a cron-inspiring event a few weeks ago in a "no new crons" topic the story's plot seems somwhat rediculous...I may however join if the plot becomes more complex.

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  • Count me in!


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